cloud network hunting note: like record health data are you still in order to spend a large sum of money to buy wearable devices and sad? Don’t be afraid, Compass, the new application can save you in the water soon! Wearable devices, without having to buy a mobile phone can complete all the recorded data of Compass! You’re worth it!

if one day you just stand up, sit down and didn’t go running, then your mobile application can calculate how many steps you today totally gone? By the way, don’t forget to you today’s calorie absorption data records in your health!

today, a big wave health-related applications are our “flood”. We often face pressure to add related data in the application of in the gym, because only in this way, these health application can quickly calculate the information we want to know, for example, one day the steps of walking, walking, and running distance and so on. These not just mobile phone application, however, they are also very convenient equipment and tools. Millions of users around the world to buy the FitBit, Jawbone Up24, Garmin and Misfit that kind of wearable devices, but can anyone use more simple way to complete the step gauge such health application requirements? Entrepreneurs Amber Case and Chris Dancy think they can do it. Today, two of them are working to develop a new service that allows users to a normal life without having to worry about the data.

might as well to meet Compass this kind of mobile phone application, a free mobile application is expected to change our before, the concept of health data in sports. Case and Dancy company designed the app, currently only for internal testing. In fact, it is like a dashboard, in the form of a simplified, organized according to the user the time spent on sports, so that users can intuitive insight into their own movement information, do not need to spend extra effort. Compass app this unique is that it does not need a wearable device used to synchronize, as long as a mobile phone can complete all the tasks. The Case said in an interview: “in the process of research and development, team members constantly ask yourself, through a mobile phone what he can find? If the cell phone in his pocket, he can get what?”

if you think the Case name sounds familiar, it is not surprising. As a succession of entrepreneurs to create a new company, Case or location-based information service software for your company before co-founder and chief executive, the company has acquired in 2012 by Esri. As anthropologist in the field of electronic machinery, Case has also published on privacy protection, data ownership and wearable computing space for the future development of rhetoric.

Dancy has been called “the most connectivity human upon earth. , “he said in an interview before conceived of Compass this application, I have been in the track your life more than 600 kinds of data (for example: the temperature of the room, his dinner time, etc.) to find out is there a correlation between human behavior and feedback.” In short, through careful research data, he tried to find a can “no better interpret his own” way. In view of this, he believes that the best thing to do is intangible to tangible.

Case and Dancy in CyborgCamp get to know each other. Dancy tell Case his experiments, want to look at a Case is interested in joining him through propaganda reflux Technology to help the general public. Reflux Technology, the concept was founded in 1995 by xerox PARC Mark Weiser and John Seely Brown is created. Key revolves around a theory — the concept of human life in the technology era, the most attention is the rare resource. Case said in today’s world, the ultimate winner is those who out of human control over science and technology. The

Compass Healthkit design is a combination of apple’s health tool, there is currently no plan to develop your own Compass application interface, and, like other programming, Compass will be more willing to choose a common third party application interface. As a result, it chose the Healthkit, but in the future, the Compass will eventually choose a merger with Google Fit, so that it covers two major mobile operating system.

use of measurement standards, such as steps, walking distance category, but the Compass charm is that users do not need to spend extra money to buy a wearable device. Regardless of the user in eating, or sleeping, Compass can through their geographical location and environment to monitor the activities of the users, so as to know the state of the user.

however, Dance but in an interview to highlight the Compass in the app will also show the encouraging words. He said Compass program can monitor the activities of the users and the algorithm comes from 19 in the “CARDS” to select a send to the user, the current state of feeling and provide some insights to users. Compass does not provide users with some correct guidance of mandatory, but will gently “coax users to review and think about their own one day. Users understand their own life, also know what you need to do – a mobile phone application doesn’t need to be that tell the user what to do. The

Compass has been careful to ensure that the device will not and the United States food and drug administration (FDA). Mobile application has some specific provision of things you can’t tell the user, because these things must by a licensed health care professional to tell the user. In addition, many users also said the worry on the issue of privacy, but the Case said in an interview, this is not a problem, the user does not need to worry about. All the data is stored on the Compass on the user’s mobile phone users can download their data in CSV format. But under the current technology, if the user in the phone, so the original of information stored on your mobile phone is not on the output or transfer to the new phone.

in the process of internal testing, Case and Dancy on to the user trial has been slow. Although the design of the Compass is good, this app is still missing some problems. Design team has not considered the application problem of power consumption, have not studied the possibility of complete data backup and the export. Case said they must be treated with caution in the community user feedback, and then bit by bit will launch the app to the user. Maybe this process will be very long, but all this is to ensure that the full use of the Compass of users have a say.

but there is another problem: health, lifestyle class monitor mobile application market is growing, and Compass can strong in many other applications have their own market share? In fact, as the FitBit initial public offerings, UnderArmour for MyFitnessPal and Endomondo acquisition and 2014 Facebook acquisition of Moves for the Compass, it has fallen behind in the race. And what can stop apple and Google into the game? What’s more, they join is likely to make the Case and Dancy effort.

about the last point, Dancy said in an interview: “can let the Compass of the key factors in the market is in the connection between the environment and with others.” Dancy so an example to illustrate the Compass can be generated on the user’s potential symptoms of depression, predict this ahead of time. The app will prompt when appropriate, ask the user if you need, you can contact your friend. A really good structural connectivity between technology can help you with other people. Technology may not be able to solve your problem, but it can be the people who can help you with you together.

the service charge and raise the question of another focus: if the Compass is devoted to protect privacy advocates, and how does it use user privacy to profit? Some people suggest that the company part of the data storage fee or take business mode, this mode has some additional services for a fee to use. The current Case and Dancy also didn’t find these problems in the process of internal testing, when it comes to the company should be how to deal with it now does too.

Case said her team will be in October for Compass public offering.


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