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2010 for e-commerce startup founder and chief executive of Moeez Javed, it is difficult for one year. This year devastating floods hit, Pakistan is near his home. Because the money must be priority is used to help the victims, his college scholarship had to be withdrawn. After statistics, a total of nearly 20 million people affected by the natural disasters, infrastructure has been severely damaged, economic losses of nearly $2 billion.

witnessed the despair and the destruction of the huge disaster ability, Javed was deeply shocked. He wanted to help those in need, but don’t want to join a charity or non-profit organization, become a volunteer. For him, the best way is to establish a sustainable company, even if a disaster happened in the company can continue to operate. Javed said: “people can donate money, but they can’t do this all the time. If the lack of funding, for those in urgent need of assistance is one of the most serious blow.”

in order to discard the previous fundraising as debt, launched a e-commerce company, Javed Virgin Teez, concentrate on selling t-shirts. He promised to consumers, 43% of all profits will be donated to charity, and will be supported by the non-profit organization’s list is completely transparent.

Javed original goal. Due to no huge marketing budget and funds to promote their company, he estimates that in the operation of the company a few months before he can only help 10 children. Just opened a few days, however, the Virgin Teez sold 500 shirts.

Javed said: “I was scared a lot of order number, I realized that may need 1 month to meet the demand of all orders. In spite of this, the customers are still very patient, and no objection.

the company only by selling t-shirts, has helped more than 1000 children affected by the flood. Javed realized he didn’t invest in sales and marketing, is word of mouth to help him to expand the social influence. However, due to their own college students’ identity, he couldn’t get his energy completely into the company’s operations.

add more social influence

as more and more international organizations to assist Pakistan through reconstruction, Javed can think their own work scope to expand to other social issues. Now from Virgin Teez profits will be donated to those who focus on solving environmental problems, health problems, human rights, and child abuse problems.

the company’s products is designed on the basis of the public, through such a design can maintain a low cost and promote more sales. Pakistan’s large spinning

now, Javed make a commitment to your business. He claims that his own company just because they are social commitment has shown strong growth momentum.

he said over the past six months, sales rose 80%, is expected in the future also will continue to grow. He said: “we don’t put money on traditional advertising, on the contrary, we will allow customers to share our story, and tell their friends about our mission to help the world. If you do a good thing, so the people around you will also be affected by you.”

Virgin Teez was recently elected to Lahore – basedPlanX incubators, Javed hope to learn more things from the incubator, and the determination to realize his dream to change the world.


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