leading company in the summer of 2015 American business incubator Y Combinator GO1, a staff training enterprise was established in North America, aimed at more effective new way education and training employees.

must have worked in a big company should be experienced the frustration of complete annual compliance training. Normally, the so-called compliance training is to make you look at a few hours of network conference, the content of the meeting is to teach you how to become a member of a team of the company, such as to avoid corruption and so on. A simple example, you want to browse the information of each slide, even if the content of the slide is very simple.

GO1 training teachers team composed of Oxford University, Australian, GO1 using some of the idea of the training is through education, science and technology enterprise certification (such as Coursera and Udemy) practice.

GO1 founder Andrew Barnes is a rhodes scholar (hunting cloud network note: rhodes scholarship is a world-class scholarship, there are “global undergraduate Nobel Prize,” said the reputation, the winner of the awards, known as “rhodes scholars”.) That is a master of education technology at the university of Oxford. “For many companies, and compliance training is specific.” Barnes said in an interview, “but formal compliance training is literally in the abuse of staff’s time, caused to the company employees; Real staff training should be to let the employees to become more powerful.”

GO1 can customize for different organizations of different training programs, either it according to the market demand to increase training courses in your organization, or according to each company’s own material planning; Rather than literally put 50 pages PPT, just a matter of GO1 training courses will be successful speech, for you, please invite one general, for example, he will leave you two have a multiple choice question, question is about the content of the story he told me if you have any help for your work.

company can upload any powerpoint presentation and web page files to GO1 on, it will automatically upload your data into a super text markup language (HTML) format, for employees to download. No matter you are using a laptop computer, tablet or other mobile devices to upload, employees can see these files; But they will see while taking notes, for future reference.

“employee training is a very fragmented market, there are many small providers; Human resource managers and staff very headache.” Barnes said, “our goal is to help managers and staff to solve this problem, meet the company’s training and learning needs.”

in many cases, the employee’s compliance training is required for law. California, for example, companies of all employees of more than 50, according to the legal requirements, to provide training on sexual harassment. Barnes said in an interview: “now there are a lot of companies don’t act in accordance with the law, or because they don’t realize the consequences of illegal, or because they think according to the law office is a bit difficult.”

a year ago, GO1 established in Australia, from then on, it provides a training plan, a total of 150000 users services for nearly hundred enterprises.

GO1 for Australia one of the big Banks to provide first aid training, emergency first aid education was carried out on the bank staff and customers.

GO1 plan in YC project during the open market in North America, it is for those who are only 10 the following employee of the company to provide free services, per user for big company only $1/month.


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