today, digital medical startup graduated from American business incubator Y Combinator, will provide free for workers from all over the world, high-quality medical services.

this is a no small feat. America has the world’s most expensive and most inefficient medical service system, medical costs thousands of dollars higher than other countries. , according to world Health organization (International Health Policy), America’s Health effect and the quality is poor.

there are many organizations in trying to reduce health care costs and the Y Combinator hatched another enterprise intends to through the analysis of tens of thousands of insurance plans, so as to reduce medical costs, to provide the best reimbursement rates to enterprise employees. New type of health care company through technical means to provide free services to users. Anyway, the quality of medical treatment is the key.

CareLedger recommended service USES a slightly different approach – compare prices. The purpose of this approach is that the employer health care affordable price range, choose the best service to recommend.

CareLedger, co-founder of Oliver Takach said, employers only under the condition of the overhead is reduced, only use pay to us.

, for example, a colonoscopy overhead may be in the $1000 – $1500. CareLedger’ll find rating in the range of $1500 a good doctor, or doctors within the employer health budget limit. Company promises to give workers free medical help, including no free quotas, or the co-pay for payment items together.

CareLedger can according to your location, convenience, choose a doctor from the data list, then make an appointment to diagnosis and treatment. CareLedger will not be in the service after the completion of sending the bill, all of the medical aid also should be free.

it’s incredible that this idea is: in view of the working class quality health care for free! Meanwhile, Walmart, “always the lowest price” supermarket chain, try to use the same way also provide favorable health care and free services.

GE and Lowe’s are in so-called “centre of Excellence (Centers of Excellence nessuah brokerage)” plan, free to provide specific operation, such as expenses for hip and knee replacement surgery.

“CareLedger do’s” centre of excellence “such a plan, but don’t you to complete the formalities and test.” Co-founder Oliver Takach said.

“CareLedger can also get paid from the free flow, but the employers just the staff in our company but lower health care costs by paying to a certain extent. This will save the cost of the staff, also from the employer may face expensive.”

“you can see the average price, an area of a single process of fixed price, and then is our price, and you actually have to pay the price. The percentage of the difference is that we are not the same. Employers don’t have to pay to us, unless we do to help him to reduce the cost.” Takach said.

CareLedher claimed that in more than 600 steps and test items, can save an average of up to 50% of the cost.

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