note: people often say: “the head can be broken, the hair cannot random.” But now, hair wrong, even if go to the barber shop trim line for a long time, and make an appointment to also want to wait a long time. Want to let stylist door-to-door service for you? Want a one-time modelling, makeup and massage services? Just try StyleBee introduced on-demand beauty services! Never leave home can make an appointment to suit your stylist.

all kinds of on-demand services is frantically to enter the public line of sight, and on-demand economy began to thrive. Most of us are busy with two point one line of life, from home to office, pick up the kids, or drive to a meeting. Now the auto industry appeared Uber, Lyft, TaskRabbit, Postmates Shyp, help us to solve the traffic problem in such applications, that for our beauty makeup or modelling, what’s the application can help us?

maybe you can choose to go to the barber’s to be a beauty, trim hair, however, usually the appointment for the average person is too inconvenient. The appearance of this kind of question why StyleBee launch. The company by the famous American business incubator Y Combinator support, as a Uber, modelling industry StyleBee defines itself as a salon services as needed. The user can use the app on iOS platform. Users only need to set a time to let stylist to door service, then the application will be for the user to find the right modelling division and contact with the two sides.

StyleBee can offer service for men and women, and the service usually lasts 30 to 45 minutes. Stylist will be to your home, ask you to the requirement of design. In addition, if you have a need, they will also give you some beauty tips, etc. Every service, include to stylist tips, you only need to pay StyleBee $50. And this charge, StyleBee tend to charge 20% to 33% commission.

at present the company in Los Angeles and San Francisco area operations for nearly a year, but overall is still in the internal test mode. Company plans to open two other areas as operating market this fall, but so far StyleBee also don’t want to specify which two areas.

Anna Santeramo is the co-founder of the company. When she served in a company’s agent, StyleBee will help her solve the problem for modelling. At that time, she needs to be a change of hairstyle and she can’t make an appointment to the stylist. And then when there’s a barber shop when booking space, stylist is asked for higher costs or from her some additional conditions. Santeramo said in an interview: “this is very unfair to me.”

Santeramo considered let stylist for door to door service, but the traditional barbershop tend not to provide such services. This kind of service includes more than just a haircut, also include cosmetic, massage and so on. Santeramo said StyleBee appear not only can meet these requirements, also can increase the income of stylist, and this is also one of on-demand economic benefits.

with Uber, Lyft, Postmates services provided by the company, StyleBee will let stylist and client score each other, the higher the rating, the greater the risk of their mutual cooperation.

Santeramo are other ways to expand her business, and no longer limited to the door-to-door service. She has been in and some companies to cooperate, through her products provided to the company’s stores to cooperate with them through the marketing activity. One thing special is worth questioning, in New York and San Francisco Nordstorm (hunting cloud network note: Nordstorm, the upscale department store chain), StyleBee been “white label” is used to define its services. (hunting cloud network note: Whitelabel that wo, refers to people who don’t pay attention to brand promotion product. Design concept is to ensure that consumers to spend money to buy the white mark is high-tech and high quality products, and does not need to pay for the brand publicity and fashion stunt, consumers should enjoy the most affordable price.

Santeramo said in an interview: “when women when shopping, they need most is efficient. In recent years, the trend is very accord with this, many companies are trying to make women more simple, let them in one place can do all things.”

and other companies, including StyleBee cooperation Neiman Marcus, the Gap and Athleta, etc. In other similar areas, StyleBee also provide the corresponding services, for example, they can provide needed for wedding related services.

StyleBee now have the wind of the value of $one million investment in gold, including financing from the famous incubator Y Combinator, and other prestigious silicon valley investors. Now the company is a total of 600 professional stylist in the database, and ordinary users at least once a week will use StyleBee services.


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