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the takeout industry has developed rapidly, but there has always been health, price, taste, etc. Ya m Ding Jijun, founder of the kitchen just in order to solve the problem of their lunch at the beginning, as a result, the same in order to meet the demand of lunch, a bunch of struggling in the big Internet companies together, founded the ya meters in the kitchen. Products designed to help young white-collar workers now solve the problem of eating out, let the white-collar where can eat meals at home. Product has won the IDG angel investment level.

by ya m kitchen App, users can find nearby private kitchen services family cook, browse each chef’s specialty, directly placing order, delivery after 30 minutes. It is worth mentioning platform is real chef, in their own home cooked food, let those who struggle out white-collar workers can eat to the taste of home.

in order to ensure food safety, the ya m kitchen ask each home kitchen launched to provide health certificate and id card, and then through the platform of “inspector” on-site checking, confirm the kitchen hygiene standards before you can open a shop. Late platform staff will door to door return visit regularly, to meet the sanitary quality of the source. After private kitchen in ya meters will be in accordance with the actual conditions of a private kitchen to provide the corresponding marketing and take photos, store operations “1 of 1” services, and provide logistics services. The house rent, platform and professional services are free, while 100% income owned by private kitchens.

about how ya m kitchen for IDG must level of angel investment, Ding Jijun tell hunting cloud network, on the one hand because the team has the mobile Internet and O2O stronger talents, on the other hand, people would agree with share economic way to solve the high frequency just need food industry inherent problems. The funding will be mainly used for product development and market development.

is also a private food delivery to your door for App, which focuses mainly on manual snacks, and ya m kitchen is solving the problem of white-collar work lunch. Although are sharing economy, under the food this big topic, each have larger development space. Ya m kitchen provides a better food choices, white-collar workers and at the same time help the community crowd idle for its own value, especially just retired.

“live share, under the tide of economic reality, row has Uber, and we think in China, ya m is suitable for the situation of China food kitchen version of reality.” Ding Jijun said.

when it comes to sharing the future development of economy, Ding Jijun told hunting cloud network, sharing economy can satisfy the personalized needs of consumers, promote social resource allocation more reasonable, “as the development trend of mobile Internet, it will become a new blue ocean.”

at this stage, the ya m kitchen from week after purchase rate, obtained the very high user acceptance, users and orders are in steady growth, the development of house hutch has entered the stage of rapid development. Team the most main is the optimization of products and home kitchen recruitment, the future will widen to more area, and also can be extended to more beautiful food.