After the “entrepreneurs have more concern and questions about how to Pitch well. Very serious fund founder xiao-ping xu entrepreneurs how to Pitch made a public speech, he thinks, if want to stand out from the competing goods, will seize the user, market and investors. There must be two core elements: product name and the enterprise core value.

this is lecture transcript:

hello! ‘m glad to have the opportunity to more relaxed and pleasant talk with everyone to do a Pitch to get the money, how to do a Pitch to persuade investors.

first of all, you realize that you are not in the dialogue with investors, essentially you are in dialogue with the client, and user dialogue and dialogue with the market. As an entrepreneur, when products to investors, to understand investors when listening to introduce you to consider is the user will not use this product you behind him.

realize this, the next step is to talk about how to impress the users and the market.

in this era of information explosion, the App Store in millions of applications, micro letter number inside millions of public accounts, many public, there are many entrepreneurs. What makes you to win the market?

the market’s attention is very limited, like marketing, you said along while, did not impress customers, customers will not buy the things you. Also, a new product release, sometimes, but more often, good and valuable product does not cause the attention of the market, this is your Pitch.

so you Pitch must quickly grab the audience briefly, seize the user, market and investors. There is a Chinese entrepreneurs are widespread problems, we don’t do what Pitch. What’s behind this? Our culture doesn’t encourage people to display their, betray yourself, don’t encourage us to show yourself, to show off. I was in new Oriental school, when you go abroad in the face of a scholarship, is to sell yourself, for I don’t give it to him. Now I see a lot of entrepreneurs have a good plan, a good project, good product, but don’t sell yourself.

great oaks grow from little acorns, the first thing you will do the Pitch well. I think a good Pitch inside, there are two elements:

the first, the name of your product. , for example, one day to three people, sits, “teacher, we want to do is to look for the steel net, we want to find steel for steel, we want to find steel for steelmaking, looking for a stencil. Com”, one of the great enterprise was born, the name of the product is clarify all the issues.

the best Pitch from a first name, if you say not clear, even the name of the half that you would have failed. Or conversely, if your name is good, is half the battle, name a good Pitch need not speak, I do is to look for steel, plastic, looking for stone, wood, coal mine, a series of find came out.

don’t know much about this, but our entrepreneurs how important a good name for your career. In short, you want to be a good name. Really not line, you will sell the name to the others will earn a sum of money.

second, you have to have clear what do you do a word. For example, a startup from June last year to accept the investment, it has been 2, one thousand month hundreds of millions of sales, the company do well, it’s called the food web. He made myself clear “beauty dish, let the world no longer buy food cooking”, he is doing catering supply chain. His success, of course, there are many factors contributing to success, but he’s nothing wrong Pitch.

you want to remember, investors don’t listen to you about what the industry analysis, consumer trends and competitors. You pass a good name, refining the essence, you will have the core competitiveness of the whole business, the core value has been displayed.

we are the most painful thing, many entrepreneurs say don’t know what he is doing. I met a person, the administrative level is too high, is the deputy, is in large state-owned enterprises. Take three or four people come here to tell us, I’ll see you said not to directly give money, let’s meet, he said the results in my house took two or three hours still say not clear, actually he is not the problem of Pitch, he is really not want to clear in this matter.

new Oriental never had a chance to Pitch, because we don’t have investors at that time, also do not need to investors. I met cui yongyuan, I said I am the new Oriental, everybody know what cui yongyuan say? He said you is that teach somebody else the toefl test, the result can’t even English, you can go to harvard, can take an examination of high school. Right, good grades, harvard, English will not, two words, this is one of the greatest Pitch.

me a wonderful example, the name is “hutch rimmon” I, “at home to enjoy a state dinner”, this is its Pitch. Otherwise hutch rimmon come to my house to do pancake fruit is also a kitchen rimmon, kitchen chef at home to enjoy state banquet service and pain points is the traffic to the restaurant to eat depends on the waiter’s face, spend a lot of unnecessary money, a cup of tea to fifty dollars. I met the most painful experiences, I said to a pot of longjing, why don’t I say? The longjing, he says, is this, I thought it was dirty, cost me four hundred and eighty dollars, it’s not here right now. Fook lam moon let you not to spend money. Save water wine, this is the Pitch.

a simple summary, you must find the pain points, name will show you the product characteristics, the core value of the thing to tell you.

after, investors would have to ask you something else, the team, experience, financing amount and so on.

a typical Pitch is a very serious fund hours, because we are here, and stuck on the road, we should at least one hour chat with somebody else, even if have no words to find words, talk about what’s the weather like today, also want to put the hours in the past. But investment decisions tend to come to a decision in the first ten minutes.

there are times when a bit of a surprise also is pretty good. There is a person to do room project, the meal is very good, we voted for. Of course looking for steel can’t give me to eat a bunch of steel, can not eat. The project, but cotton cotton flowers on the branches, until the cloth, packing to come over, I was fondle admiringly. For these people is full of hope, we will vote for him on the spot. According to? Because it is the perfect Pitch, the perfect conquered the investors.

I finally speak a salute to jobs, jobs at the time of launch Macbook Air, he said: “the world’s most thin Macbook”, did not say how many centimeters, also did not say how many grams, took an envelope from the background to come over, take out a Macbook Air, the world’s greatest Pitch finished.