xiang-dong zhang has released four “city of bicycles”, hunting cloud network thought is the first time. He confirmed to hunt cloud network, beast rider has obtain 50 million yuan A round of funding, by innovation works collar, Tang Binsen and challenging funds to vote. The money will be used for cycling, intelligent control of product development, brand building and international trade promotion. It is understood that the beast cycling intelligent control products on August Indiegogo website of overseas the raise.

the beast rider is a focus on start-ups in the cycling sports, the team has more than 30 people. In January 2015, beast rider won a very serious fund $1 million in angel investment. Iteration after more than half a year of development, its product line including cycling APP and cycling intelligent control equipment.

according to cloud network hunting, riding the APP launched four months, has accumulated more than 400000 users. Beast cycling APP has nice UI and military level accurate data recording function, help cycling enthusiasts use mobile GPS at all levels, and record all kinds of cycling data and successfully build a vertical cycling class community, to solve the “how to ride,” “go on”, “and who ride” and “how to ride a more” four big problems.

the beast rider can is an embedded intelligent control equipment installed in every sport bike professional equipment. Similar to a car dashboard, beast rider intelligent control can be accurate to collect more comprehensive cycling data, including speed, height, distance, calories, GPS trajectory, frequency, heart rate, slope and so on more than 10 items data. Has its unique color 1.77 -inch screen, the cycling data in the form of Numbers and icon show clearly to the user, to ride more scientific and more interesting. The integration of integrated headlights cycling enthusiasts night ride safety is guaranteed. Intelligent control has a long standby time, more than 80 hours of continuous GPS work, and even can help mobile phone charge. Besides, there are navigation, WeChat notice, throw, etc.

or it can be said that each sport bike change on the beast intelligent control, can become a smart bike. Xiang-dong zhang also at the conference said: intelligent control is one of the greatest innovation bicycle Internet era!

below is the beast riding contribute founder li gang, Growth Hacker, avid cycling enthusiasts, have been riding ring Taiwan and hainan. He is a serial entrepreneur, fast action button to collected 360 wisdom key, the compliance of personal interests founded the beast rider, bicycle industry in intelligence. To see from xiang-dong zhang city bike, also in the field of intelligent riding entrepreneurship “li gang,” what is the point of view.

“starting from xiang-dong zhang, see smart hardware new iron triangle”

gestation xiang-dong zhang finally start yesterday, or quadruplets. As a cycling industry practitioners, I said very gratified. Although in my circle of friends, a mixed 700 bike, but I want to concentrate on the product to east teacher say, hard. Again this year, big business, don’t have a lot of products, solid do not installed, do not make, don’t flaunt wealth.

in east conference thanks to the Internet more than once. For the Internet, if let me choose the most famous hidden rules, I have to vote for “flow is king”. Because of traffic, the final achievement the era of the three pillars of tencent, ali, baidu. Also because of traffic, 360 all the way did the difficulties, almost packed into the premier league.

in 2014, the first year of a lot of people known as intelligent hardware, many Internet companies into hardware market. Try very hard to build platform, entrance product, so the intelligent router war, intelligent TV and even smart watch war. Everyone is competing for hardware flow entrance. If you don’t talk about platform strategy, intelligent hardware company CEO are embarrassed to open conference. Soon, the intelligent hardware into the freezing point, not sell goods and user accumulation. The Internet from ceos also confused, where is the problem out?

in fact, this is a fundamental error. Smart hardware does not belong to the Internet, but the consumption category 】. Rule of the flow of the Internet platform, in the field of hardware is bullshit.

the magic of the Internet is free, this is a winner-take-all, highly flat market. The user can easily get free Internet services through online channels. And hardware, need to spend money, need experience, service, sales channels, to logistics, business is slow, also is doomed to be unable to monopoly market. Even apple, millet is only a thirty percent market share.

consult fortune 500 list, it’s not hard to find, Internet companies really is just a diu diu, poor six. Consumer companies include food, clothing, shelter, transportation, play, amounting to 96 companies. Despite the so-called Internet thinking, Nike, starbucks, consumption category, such as Volkswagen and apple, the big MAC, it’s not hard to find, three key points become the key to the success of the company, I call them the new triangle of consumer goods, “brand + sales, supply chain”.

a, flow is dead, “brand” for the king

“brand, meet the defects of human nature” to let a person to spend money, have occupied her mind first, satisfy her defects of human nature. Shaping of the brand is the process of human nature, greed, vanity, lazy, peep, lust, blindly. Greedy people gave him “cost-effective”, vain people gave him “luxury”, little shy people gave him “uniqlo. Any consumer goods, including smart hardware first first consideration is to satisfy the human nature, rather than to realize the function of what, more not YY out platform dream.

brand positioning positioning, preempt the mind first 】 【 to be simple, focus, first. Simple enough to let a person remember, further occupation of the mind. Can only try my best to do the first focus, enjoy industry top dividends.

xiang-dong zhang introduced city bike, the main feeling small and pure and fresh, use of vanity to show off the defects in the human nature, so the price is not low. 700 bike hope to become your heart first popular logo 】 【 bicycle field. Beast rider emphasises the exercise bike direction, through professional sport of cycling accessories, hormones stimulate cycling enthusiasts, the pursuit of faster, stronger. To the category of Internet cycling sports 】 【 first. Popular logo and movement, there is no right and wrong, just the brand of the two positioning way, but made it simple and focused.

【 product experience, the formation of “god” feeling 】 function is not equal to the performance, the performance is not equal to experience. Why so many once flourishing intelligent hardware, now had disappeared. Because of excessive publicity, let users expect too much of product, the product experience in a great mess, the product becomes a one-time deal, no word of mouth spread, no secondary to buy again.

intelligent hardware products should be three, practical + taste in design details, relative price. On the basis of product use to find “god”, surprise and form positive word-of-mouth to users. In this way can the persistence of brand building, brand, once established, is the enterprise huge moat.

2, “sales” is the enterprise between

millet online sales channel equalization build 】 【 the emergence of the “sheet is tasted hot style” and “online” became the most popular business model, but is millet, millet, have a dime relationship with you. Millet has money to burn, has made the all-star team, the biggest just need to have the mobile Internet is tasted, do anything will be successful. The result of all this appearance is just a posteriori. For start-up companies in the field of intelligent hardware, the equilibrium structures, especially the key online channels.

as the “hardware” free once practitioners (360 wisdom key), I naive overlooked a key details, wayward startups can not make money, but the brothers need enough profit on the industry chain. One of the intelligent hardware on offline sales channels, even apple is in constant open offline store. Don’t have the ability to open own stores start-up, since a broken arm online sales, the pursuit of blindly pursuit of absolute performance, sooner or later will fall into the strange circle “shanzhai”.

“go offline, online make money” is the beast rider of rules, you may also suitable for the same in the hardware business.

if the Internet together to develop domestic and international market 】 【 belong to the United States, the mobile Internet belong to the world, they must belong to the Chinese Internet of things, because we have in shenzhen. Shenzhen super intelligent hardware supply chain system to ensure the product innovation capability and cost control. Intelligent hardware products will become China’s counterattack of the world’s best opportunity. Due to overseas such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo the raised platform is popular, more and more intelligent hardware companies towards the international market and has achieved strong results.

for startups, with internationalization is good, but must first Ann “outside” above. Polishing products use the most familiar environment, and then take the international market will be more safe and efficient manner. To enter the international market also should pay attention to the following points, patent, trademark and channel profits. It would be a very speak rules of market, all in accordance with the rules, please.

3, success is based on “supply chain”

although a hardware from 0 to 1 】 【 holy land in shenzhen, but the process of the intelligent hardware from 0 to 1 or unusual hardships. It depends on the quantity and profit. Shenzhen mature supply chain system for the acceptance of the innovation product to near zero. If you are a smart hardware team in Beijing, you must be so treated by supplier, “don’t talk to me about the future, tell me how much”.

two Suggestions: first, the team must have a “smooth”, not all of more than 20 years old young man, in shenzhen, young represents the unreliable. Second, adopting size small but strong suppliers as far as possible, don’t choose industry leader.

“quality control” quality is the root of an enterprise, there is no good quality it is difficult to obtain the trust of the user, there would be no positive word-of-mouth can be formed. Smart hardware companies often due to the limited research and development of human and energy, there is no way, a lot of details and quality processing does not reach the designated position, the fine products seized by user small plait expects eight hundred times every day. To do the product as far as possible simple, the key selling point perfectly, ignore non-core functions. Late in products, I will bring unexpected harvest.

from Dallas electric release to xiang-dong zhang city bike. Without nothing ethereal platform, entrance, instead, is a brand marketing and supply chain. Return to hardware business beginner’s mind, to do a really useful products, to shape a charming brand, steadfast to do sales, control product quality.

forget the Internet, smart hardware is a new field.

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