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king sister-in-law gave birth to a small week week, 24 hours for jay escort devotedly, presumably fans they have been all sorts of headlines glass broken. Want to carefully, before king sister-in-law appeared, who accompanied him every concert, who is close to his body and soul? The two small headphones? Is!!!

it is understood that the only a custom pop headphones TiinLab advertising to the Taiwan brand, in fact, the domestic market is still in its infancy, custom headphones what ghost custom headphones? Sounds let I prick silk purse shake three shake. In fact, the custom always aiming artists, headsets enthusiasts and other minorities. In recent days, the hunters cloud network focus on the X – Ting headphones net, opened the mysterious veil of custom headphones.

the most intuitive experience, from the headset X – Ting headset main water quality, at present the headphones are sold into double moving iron iron, three units, 4 units moving iron three categories, price 890 yuan, 1790 yuan and 1790 yuan respectively. X – Ting headphones for the terminal has a mobile phone, computer, PAD, CD, MP3, HIFI player, etc., is compatible with all kinds of the front end of the 3.5 mm output interface.

X – Ting headphones, customized cycle for 18 days, also can offer the urgent service five days order process is as follows:

the first step: get the user ear impression, chengdu area users from door ear print services (from door ear print only within the third ring road of chengdu users and charge 100 yuan cost of raw materials), the user can also be used with the chengdu area, on its own to hearing AIDS to the nearest store (or hospital otology) get ear impression and mail;

step 2: choose the color, the user can choose website provides a variety of not transparent or translucent color sample, or provide a reference color;

the third step: choose headphones decorative pattern in the default design for X – Ting metal logo, the user can also upload design meet the personalized needs.

Sun Hu to hunt, founder of the cloud network, said X – Ting headphones are independent design research and development team, we hope to design a product. In addition, in order to let the user experience to X – Ting headphones sound quality, we set up offline experience points, respectively in chengdu and nanjing.

at present, the X – Ting the headset is not stronger, with the modification of product details, X – Ting team will also design a custom or customize headsets, not only for small customers, but for custom headphones come into the mind of the public.

Sun Hu tell hunting cloud network, we know that in the next 3 to 5 years, the mainland’s custom headphones may is still in the stage of small market, we are willing to spend time cultivating the market, the investment of human, material and financial resources to customize headsets standard, we are also willing to dormant in this field for 5 years, the economic benefit and social benefit should be the coexist.

it is understood that the X – Ting team is composed of university teachers and students, the founder of Sun Hu for college teachers, especially in the industrial design field, love the music he is also a headphone enthusiasts for many years.

in terms of finance, X – Ting team plans after the custom headphones market and their products more mature stage in financing.