July 28 (word/Tina lee)

for entrepreneurs, there is nothing more than a matter of our love more happiness. “A home stay facility”, the founder of Yang Lianghai love to travel, his footprints all over the world travel, travel also became his entrepreneurial inspiration and motivation.

the world so big, want to see, but most people only consider the words as a slogan. Language communication barriers, to do a lot of preparation before travel, will say good to a said come away trip turned into a blank check. Yang Lianghai will these problems into business opportunities, “a home stay facility” was born. Yang Lianghai tell hunting cloud network, do a home stay facility is committed to the global Chinese platform for the home stay facility, let more people live comfortable in a foreign country, you have a good time.

founder Yang Hailiang for employees is a along with the gender, uncle has a rich experience. Is his hometown, the hometown of overseas Chinese in fujian, he told his hunting cloud network in order to ensure that every Chinese people find reliable properties, already in the United States has silicon valley site, later will also set up a substation, all over the world to do offline, online real-name certification, credit assessment, two-way mutual mechanism, found the landlord immediately shelves, for Chinese citizens to provide a comfortable housing information.

refers to the outbound tourism accommodation, many people worry about the hotel is too expensive, payment problems, such as currency fluctuations, “a home stay facility”, there are a lot of experience in this field. “A home stay facility” is presented to the tenant and the landlord is RMB price, exchange rate conversion shall be the responsibility of the platform of a home stay facility, updated in real time, and no deposit in the process of trading, the price much lower compared with same level hotel.

“A home stay facility”

in addition, the main diversification, personalized experience. In the house a home stay facility, usually equipped with kitchen, washing machine, etc., if you are a travel with my family, there’s nothing like a home stay facility choice, not only on the trip will also have the warmth of home and convenient, the room of large area and the architectural styles of different countries, also remove monotony of the hotel, give you comfortable experience of travel with the wind. Think of the landlord and the tenant’s daily, the tenant can be found through the Chinese landlord strategy on snack street, heard there is no cultural encyclopedia amorous feelings; Chinese communication, avoid communication barriers, and even guide may be your Chinese landlord. Like at home, avoid the language communication barriers, have the effect of Chinese help, builds the platform for global Chinese, add a comfortable and convenient to travel.

Yang Lianghai undergraduate course graduation, xi ‘an jiaotong university, the graduate student graduated from Shanghai jiaotong university, EMBA is the Yangtze river business school at the same time, has rich experience in the IT industry. His team is mostly after 90, his assessment team is a young man help blood full of pioneering spirit.

in today’s society, travel has become an indispensable part of people life. Choose international tourism will be more and more, have feelings of products is rare, but “a home stay facility” committed to the Chinese the emotion of home stay facility platform can impress every traveler? “A home stay facility” need to do is to continuously improve products, let Chinese people know more about the home stay facility, accept the home stay facility, itself to ensure the quality of housing at the same time, the Shared economic model localization.

A home stay facility currently has completed an angel round, is preparing for A round of stage.