(text/Yang Sihui)

with the popularity of pet community, pet electric business, China pet market of younger, produce pet born intelligent hardware environment. Today cloud network hunting to introduce “happy”, is an intelligent pet feeders.

“happy” is a major offer pet feeding and real-time intelligent interactive intelligent devices. Users can download mobile phone app binding equipment, according to the prompt operation, it can interact with real-time audio pet anytime and anywhere, temporary feeding, photo video, also can share photographs, video to the third party platform. In addition, the user enters happy sent WeChat public binding equipment, also can realize feeding and take photos.

users set up according to the requirements of pet eating habits and food, feeding time, happy sent to intelligent quantitative feeding regularly. Container the weighing sensor, can accurate measure remaining food intake, and prompt the user to add food. In addition, pet food feeding, cloud service system can record every day form feeding record curve, allows users to scientific management of pet health.

founder li 銄 have many years of experience in research and development of smart home, the whole team is given priority to with technology research and development. Happy to send the official launch at the end of June, 1599. So far, the first batch of equipment have been sold out, the team are stepping up production of the second batch.

pet abroad in the field of intelligent hardware, Petnet received $1.125 million in seed funding in 2014, launched “Smartfeeder” intelligent pet feeder, priced at $199, the product can evaluate pet food requirements, create feeding plans and remind owner to buy food, and other functions, the order is over. Compared with happy pie, this product no camera and take photos, with functions such as remote interaction. After hunting cloud network focused on domestic equipment “, “use” hardware + social “pattern, in addition to the company, interactive, feeding function of hardware, also built based on UGC and PGC pet video entertainment community.

銄 told li cloud network, hunting for intelligent feeders connected to the Internet, currently on the market most video communication technology is adopted by the company through the forwarding based on IPC, the wifi module, are outsourcing to rent. No stable of IPC addressing server or cooperation of the server to stop operation, the service will be completely paralyzed. “Happy pie is using the self-developed audio real-time communication technology, the P2P and streaming media server technology are developed independently by the team, and the server by the company on its own operations, can provide users with the perfect service.” Lee 銄 said.

in the process of the first generation product operation, the team will collect and analysis was carried out on the user feedback and Suggestions, according to the feedback to determine the improvement project of a new generation of products, product sales will choose agent sales way in the future.

銄 told lee hunt cloud network, regardless of the future is now, the team will be the main production research and development. “At present, we would like to through their own efforts to improve product, to attract investment.” Lee 銄 said.

the author thinks that, comprehensive domestic and foreign markets, smart collar, throw, toys, escort, pet smart hardware is emerge in endlessly. But so far, both at home and abroad, there have been no star products. The domestic pet industry scale has reached about 30 billion RMB in 2013, also maintained a 30% annual growth. Thus, the pet industry prospect, pet smart hardware is promising. Who can be a pet intelligent hardware “overlord” worth waiting for.