phone broken? Fix it. Mobile phone is broken? Change. O2O platform in mobile phone repair yue people more and more water, required the guest is a new player.

just begin to contact the project, will feel that business model with a group of early to get the financing of the appliances butler is a little similar,, all in the name of door-to-door service platform + proprietary model. A co-founder of zhang hua told hunting cloud network: “between us and home appliance butler is shaped like a god does not like, compulsory beaver family guest want to do mobile phone repair industry.”

about compulsory, divided into such points:

it is a compulsory guest completed the dual combination of equipment and technology. Zhang hua to hunt cloud network, said: “‘ pressure screen after ‘sticker elder brother elder brother’ and fire, and the pressure screen need professional equipment. Mobile phone repair industry is a problem, do not do mobile phone repair equipment, do equipment maintenance and is not. This is a bit disjointed in connotation, understand not understand cutting machine maintenance, a lot of things is can’t imagine.” Just need equipment is the maintenance of the dealer, but due to the high cost, large volume, so the shenzhen mobile phone repair equipment business coverage rate is only 30%. Compulsory guest independent research and development production of equipment cost about half of the traditional equipment market price, a third of the volume, is currently a patent.

a compulsory guest hope into businesses from the device, the next step will merchants into compulsory guest mobile phone maintenance platform quickly. Subsequent to upgrade equipment production need about half a month or so of time, the maintenance division App about 3 to 4 weeks. Two match each other, to use equipment to pry the door of open repair businesses to build a good opportunity. At this stage about 200000 maintenance businesses across the country, thousands of shenzhen. Compulsory guest conceived by one to two months to include shenzhen more than 50% in the platform. Then next geographic expansion, copies the business expanded to the first-tier cities.

2 is a compulsory guest the original target groups tend to client and mobile phone repair division B. At present, the door + + send to fix three ways to shop. On the official website of the section “door-to-door service”, zhang told hunting cloud will not spend too much mind and energy to do: “the market size and space is very big, one percent even one over one thousand of the cake you enough to survive. But here are two problems, one is the need to C the flow is large enough, and and mechanic area coverage can’t vary too much, otherwise it is unnecessary loss of efficiency. Second, considering the privacy and security, door-to-door service and not everyone is willing to try one thing.”

due to the electronic product update speed, people income level rise and immeasurable electronic pollution, compulsory guest also provides mobile phone recycling services, website issued relevant maintenance tutorial.

three is about the team. Team members are now eight people, the company’s core team has many years of experience in application development line to expand. Founder coast in navione, seg navigation (listed) as a PM, leading a number of mobile Internet related product development, has accumulated rich experience in Internet product development, combined with many years of experience in mobile phone related industries, deeply felt many pain points in mobile phone repair industry, individual spot price is not transparent, accessories, fake bait-and-switch, excessive official after-sales maintenance, less time long branches, so the team was founded in February this year project set out to dry. In the form of real-time tracking, remote video broke industry. At this stage have WeChat, taobao, website online.