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Jetsmarter is one of the main private aviation transport startup, it aims to achieve chartered personal dream of all the passengers.

JetSmarter companies have raised $20 million in the process of B round of funding, these investors including the Saudi royal family, music and entertainment mogul (such as jay-z) and enterprise (such as Goldman Sachs and Twitter) executive, this means JetSmarter company will be a big step forward toward its goals.

in the beginning, that is, in 2013, JetSmarter exists in the form of booking platform, designed to service those wealthy charter flights, in other words, its market is a specific range of niche markets. JetSmarter companies across the country more than 800 aircraft are available for rent, the company mainly to profit by the aircraft’s rent.

through the use of this application, the passengers can be free to choose from among more than 3000 aircraft flight, the aircraft’s class by propeller aircraft to Boeing business jet, and the passengers can order to almost any city.

“it is one of the traditional vertical market, want to rent a machine the customer need to pay a certain amount of charge can develop their own flights,” JetSmarter founders Sergey Petrossov said, “but if the customers want tailored exclusive flight service, the price is quite high. In the United States, only about 250000 people can afford the fees.”

this is JetSmarter chartered for those who often offer the cause of the membership, because this kind of membership services to make their private flight cost to a certain extent get preferential. By paying a $9000 annual fee, JetSmarter members can enjoy 35000 hours a year of personal flight plans — and don’t need to pay any other additional costs.

members have two choices: one is to choose JetDeals, this is a kind of spontaneous one-way flight service, the other is to select JetShuttle, it provides in major cities across the country between trips scheduled flights.

“basically, it looks like ordinary plane, only when you walk into the private plane, you can find different,” Petrossov said, “you don’t need to pass through security and leave before the plane takes off, you just need to spend 5 minutes to board a plane.”

pay $800 per month, customers can fly aboard a private jet unlimited access to all over the country, the price sounds too cheap, that’s unbelievable. At present, the main body of JetShuttle flight time from 1.5 hours to 3 hours, but Petrossov says his company is developing a current through the coastline of flight plans.

“we really have a private jet services popularization,” Petrossov said, “in fact, now only need $800 a month, you can enjoy customized private flight service.”

JetSmarter is not the first to do private charter business start-ups. Blackjet, a similar to JetSmarter company, it is also sponsored by jay-z, at the end of 2013, due to insufficient funds, the company to stop operation, but has now returned to normal. Victor is also a private charter flights start-up, earlier this year, it raised $5 million in new funding.

JetSmarter company has thousands of members, as well as hundreds of thousands of every day to browse JetSmarte application is 3.2 times of non-member customers.

Petrossov says this round of all investors are JetSmarter company’s customers, because he hoped the brand ambassador, which is the customers, to participate in the initial phase of development of the company. He suggested that by the end of the year, his company will raise a large institutional investors.

“we want to let all aircraft are personal, this means that our competitor is airlines that general public, not private aviation company,” Petrossov said, “to achieve the personal goal may need 20 to 30 years time, but as the efficient aircraft and appropriate sharing tools, we believe we can achieve this goal in the future.”


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