note: the physical is really a headache problem. No one wants to spend time to thinking what to do after death, let alone to their funeral arrangements, really think all sad. However, if the “behind” plan and schedule as long as can be easily done in just a few minutes, you will also be annoyed for this? Willing , is a let you “behind” easy application.

when you are busy living, rarely willing to consider about the death. According to the survey, among people of 55 to 64 – year – old American 51% without a will. Even if some people are ready for the real estate adoption file, also won’t let children, after their one hundred, children can’t find good rummage is often the case. Y Combinator (hunting cloud network note: a famous American business incubator, hereinafter referred to as the YC) latest batch incubation project, have a gen, called the Willing is eyeing the opportunity, want to go to points in the funeral industry $20.7 billion a year in the cake. The significance of its existence is as far as possible to reduce the difficulty of the loss and pain (or at least not more pain than you think of the fate of the die).

in addition to YC, there are 500 Startups are Willing for the investment, investors also includes Hollywood actor ashton kutcher and famous agent Neil oce rui founded by vc Sound Ventures, Gary Vaynerchuk and celebrities. Willing website officially launched on June 1, the two founders Eliam Medina and Rob Dyson said in the next few months will help 10000 users to complete the will.

after a sudden departure relatives, Medina the difficulty of the experience to handle the affairs for the first time.

“is really too painful, this may be the worst period of my life, I will try to grope for to deal with all kinds of things, to deal with three different aspects of people: lawyers, the cemetery and funeral home. In this process, I found that everyone is trying to seek their own interests to maximize, and regardless of my interests.” Medina said: “at the time of my life was completely disrupted, at that time I have is a family man, had two baby daughter to take care of her, my wife and I hope that life can be back on track. The whole process of handle affairs can let a person crazy, so I want to do something to change the status quo.”

there are two main Willing