go headquarters is located in huangpu river, head of marketing yan haitao, said the location choice because cooperation with more merchants to geographical position advantage of proximity. As A leading international logistics field B2B project, shipment go from 15 years began to set up information platform, in February began to accept orders in early April, in June A source from the capital brought the tens of millions of dollars of A round of funding.

founder Zhou Shihao graduated from Shanghai jiaotong university in 2000, the international trade professional, has three entrepreneurial experience, 14 years in the second half began to prepare to ship it to which project. Zhou Shihao told hunting cloud network: “toB like building moving bricks, sticky largely easy to guarantee of the clients. The toC is like a pile of sand, companies need to withstand risks, BAT can do it.”

the office space is a frame with photo wall at the entrance, with a team building activities of various scenarios. A team of 70-80 at present, it is in continuous expansion.

go for merchants, take system + artificial way of qualifications, credit considerations, will not be obvious bias in the cooperation. About the profit pattern, will take the two levels of service in the future. Normal service to take free strategy, special services will be some service fee. Special services for customs declaration material preparation, for example, it would be to a great extent, to think in terms of “convenient” user convenience.

there are reports that the international supply chain logistics electricity so far spent 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, three stages. 1.0 era is an information display platform, provide industry information and trading contact information, such as “on the logistics network”. 1.5 is a single window platform for the shipping company booking space, such as the shipping space booking network, “pan-asian electricity,” “a haitong”, these platforms to join online orders, booking, and other functions, begun to take shape of electricity. But for a single shipping company attachment makes development limited.

2.0 in dealmaking, give priority to dozen of third-party platform to ship it to Valuefix represented, shipping, etc. + “standing in the Internet at this stage, represented by luck where electricity according to the international supply chain logistics, attach more importance to the whole transport service in the process, to the owner and freight forwarders to build fast online communication and trade channel, erase the lack of transparency in the traditional industry criticism, to middle, strengthen the supervision of the third party and maximum provide service for shippers, freight forwarders.

Zhou Shihao to hunt, founder of the cloud network, according to the following shipment to which will maximize the integration of business partners, to start its business. At the end of July to early August platform to increase container trailer customs declaration service. Future will increase the LCL, air transport business, from land to sea air extension, a land, sea and air. to provide one-stop solution for the whole international logistics industry, through the international logistics industry chain, complete the closed-loop international logistics trade transactions.