a carefree, about friends, carry a small wine to a beautiful party? See running brothers don’t satisfy, friends and colleagues gathered together, to a vigorous tore brand war? Pajama parties, underwear on, various kinds of theme parties, hold a big Party? But the ideal is plump, reality is very skinny, get together before planning, site, equipment, finishing and so on question, make a good party due to various complicated. “Gather a net” for the user to solve a variety of party trival, let users easily to a beautiful party.

poly field network is an integrated, with friends and family parties O2O service platform, the platform integrates the offline party venue and online network resources, users can easily search around the party venue by mobile phone, computer, at low prices to realize online reservation, enjoy gathering with family and friends. At the same time, gather field network also free user for bargaining, comparison, to make an appointment, see sites, etc., as long as the users demand, party poly field network will use the shortest possible time for the match the party venue and solution.

at present, poly field network including cafes, tea houses, and the chamber of secrets escape, a party hall, famous brand, cafes six types of parties. Founder yao-wen hsu said, different users have different field demand, such as: some active user groups, they need a coffee shop floor, can chat can move again; Some of them were as stylish user to quiet, teahouses in nature is a good choice. So the demand for users of different party, poly field network will use their own advantages to provide customers with integrated solutions.

this product in PC and mobile terminal operations at the same time, in early June in micro letter online public, App will be launched in October. Together a network of the target audience group to college students and white-collar workers, enterprise users can use registered email login or WeChat scan code directly logged in, there are more than 2000 registered users, the main scope of services in Beijing, concentration of haidian district as the center outward radiation in colleges and universities. Yao-wen hsu told hunting cloud network, gather a network’s current operational data about 150/month, to merchants pushed value is about 100000 yuan a month order, into a single volume ratio from high to low in turn to the chamber of secrets escape, make a block booking party hall, cafe, famous brand, cafes and teahouses make a block booking.

yao-wen hsu during the period of school as a monitor position, at the time of class organization activities found party venue search pain points, the lack of a party venue information integration platform, user access on field information channel is limited, and website information for not for field trips, is difficult to do performance evaluation. At the same time, after the investigation to the market, yao-wen hsu has seen the present situation of the parties, including cafes, tea houses are mostly turned Taiwan rate is low, and the single cup drinks profits is not high, and many are losing money; Chamber of escape, tear famous brand such as poly (although the earnings effects can also, but there are a lot of time idle, the idle time have great use of space.

to understand the market and find out the direction and get a web team will eventually lock eyes tearing the famous brand, evening the six categories such as parties. There are more than 100 merchants cooperation, to ensure the quality of the user experience, gathered a net to conduct field test each participating merchants. Yao-wen hsu said, gather a net not like group-buying application completely on do the order of ranking score of merchants, but by the content of enrichment, merchants content introduces the complete ranked the top.

when it comes to gather a net competitive advantage, yao-wen hsu to hunt cloud network analysis of their four major characteristics: first, the party rooms strategy, to provide users with the details of the party venue rooms; To get together field entry, secondly, a net to each party venue to provide a similar to baidu encyclopedia search terms, to show the “all men are mortal” field to the user; Third, the collaborative editing, will meet in moments of a key generation, user record in a unique way; Fourth, ultra-low prices, a network will major venues idle when fully integrated, to provide users with low price, when, at the same time the ladder group also brought low-cost benefits for users.

the project at present there are two main profit, one is the local fees or platform in charge field, which is the most traditional profit model. Another profit is ads, divided into two kinds of online and offline, online advertising fee; Offline can be placed in each party place advertisers booth or roll up, which is peculiar to gather a net profit model.

get the text in the language field network belongs to the Beijing network technology co., LTD., the company was established in November 2014, the team more than 20 people, founder and CEO yao-wen hsu as a serial entrepreneur, 09 level of master of law, tsinghua university, 53 club (tsinghua university alumni party platform) founder, had organized hundreds of tsinghua alumni party, legal, accounting, English mastery.

the project has been in April 2015 to 500000 “, “angel wan angel rounds of investment, but yao-wen hsu said, they will continue next round of funding, angel is expected to raise 5 million yuan, mainly used in product development, market development, as well as the three aspects of the daily operations of the company.