nowadays, online shopping has become a fashion. But online shopping platform can not let the user the disadvantages of physical experience to buy are increasingly obvious. Buyers show with sellers show inevitably gap is bigger, or transport logistics slowly, consumers generally is not high for the non-standard product satisfaction. Hunting cloud network recently products focus on “street”, is to solve the problem of user of these.

“street” in personal as the center, to provide users with near business circle of the dealer information. Users can go to the shop to buy goods after experience, or businessmen provide free door-to-door service for consumer after the deal, so, in order to improve people online shopping satisfaction.

co-founder yong-ming zhang told cloud network hunting, “street” a complete business management background, can guarantee the quality of goods, to provide quality services for consumers. Items range from complete, grain and oil, flour, bottles, children’s clothes, fruits and vegetables to gourmet entertainment, bags department, the digital electrical appliances, etc., involved in the consumption field, and the merchants in the region covers more than eight percent. “Street” in office white-collar, surrounding businesses and residential customers as the core, combined with shopping mall platform service function, make regional periodic expansion. Is now a commercial circle in guangzhou baiyun do pilot, schema validation stage.

“street” the positioning is not online, but everyone is committed to do mobile domain platform, online shopping is just the beginning. Product development in the direction of suit and optimization of the Labour market, provide convenience for the consumer. Compared with group purchase O2O projects like Meituan, “street” not only can buy anytime and anywhere, is also committed to integrate social resources, more complete category. In addition, also provide merchant’s instant messaging, merchants and consumers can bring to the instant messaging, consumers can also be value-added services, such as cloud services.

for buyers, “street” can be used to online shopping around the store of goods, services, the shop also can enjoy preferential; For sellers, can increase the volume to store customer consumption, and low cost expanding around online customers. In addition, in the aspect of logistics, “street” developed a set of perfect logistics distribution management background, 20 minutes can realize goods arrived, the first community of logistics information system.

the next, “street” will continue to increase in the IT and ground part of the investment, mainly completes the classification of seed users refine and model innovation, etc. Business model, yong-ming zhang said IT would from an IT platform supporting the last kilometer two aspects and logistics.

“street” in October 2014 by yong-ming zhang, Yao Junhai, Zhu Jianshuang leading to create, guangzhou California red clothing co., LTD., provide development support team, the team based in day cat, jingdong, store field, familiar with online and offline way of survival and development, technology mainly relying on south China university of technology. “Street” formally on May 18, 2015.

in addition, yong-ming zhang said, “street” is currently at the stage financing approach, pure before California red investment by the parent company.