when you’re ready to pitch to investors do, you will go to search for a successful pitch to contain what content. Of course, you will find a lot of professional advice about successful pitch. But have you ever stopped to think about, what investors want is?

investors don’t tell you the best person for successful pitch contains content?

because they lived on to listen to various pitch of entrepreneurs, here are five top investors disclosed that makes them shine at the moment the pitch content.

1. The famous founder of incubator 500 Startups, Dave McClure

a well-known incubators and founder of the Internet project seed fund 500 Startups Dave McClure at Bootstrap Academy said in an interview: “my advice to entrepreneurs is usually first focus on the problem, namely consumer or user. There are a few tips, if you have on the product USES or benefits for customers began to interested in, then you should move quickly to clear this part.”

if your products are attractive, we often said that is dominated by its appeal. To talk about a specific consumer groups, using the data, income index, or other aspects can be truthful and accurate expression. It’s best to be clearly stated in the pitch of a. If you don’t have those products, you can talk about the problems existing in the consumer, and why they are willing to you here to solve these problems.

2. The red dot investment partner Tomasz Tunguz

red dot investment partner Tomasz Tunguz on his blog about the secret weapon of success in the pitch to impress investors.

Tonguz wrote, one of the most successful pitch will describe how markets and business opportunities will be as entrepreneurs are preset in the corresponding time appear, and how the project can dominate the whole new markets.

nothing in my advice specific methods to ensure that you will success, the pitch of Tonguz said, some entrepreneurs choose the data speak, others will use logical reasoning, and some will choose to do pitch with emotion and passion. But in the end, these distinctive spokesman makes you want to believe, willing to put the concerns and entrepreneurial companies are bound to face risks aside, to participate in the project.

Tunguz mentioned about the success of the pitch speech skills he found the best resource is Nancy Duarte Resonate the book.

3. Sequoia leaders Douglas Leone

Douglas Leone is managing partner of sequoia investment, he said in a speech to Stanford business school students in the near future, if you want to get away and seed fund, you should first from on time, turn off the phone (not including the mobile phone to vibration), and have a clear understanding to your target market.

he also said he should not appear in the pitch content, similar to “it is a hot spot in the market.” “It is a big market.” Or “we only need to occupy 3% of the market, our company will be a lot.” The emergence of such a statement is a mistake. The market is not such a run. Winners will account for 70%. Don’t let your pitch speech product introduction of the slide, and the market analysis is only two pages.

Leone pointed out should be clear what they want is not in the pitch luxuriant appearance, but very clear thinking. He is also very attention to the use of the words in a pitch, such as someone with a “we” rather than “I”, when someone says “I can give you the product”, this will let him.

4. Investment firm Andreessen Horowitz co-founder Marc Andreessen

investment firm Andreessen Horowitz co-founder Marc Andreessen says in an interview in the New Yorker first we ask, where did you grow up, this problem is to guide the speaker to introduce myself, tells a true story, and observe the resilience of a stress test.

he said that Andreessen Horowitz investors want to know whether entrepreneurs have their own ideas, is the result of a unique ideas of his own experiences, according to his ideas and design the world will become better. If his design can make reality 10 times better, so consumers might buy it.

5. Y Combinator incubator company founder Paul Graham

Y Combinator incubator company founder Paul Graham mentioned in his article: do you have project clear as soon as possible, the best in the first sentence is clear, such as: “we are Jeff, and Bob, we established a easy to use web database, the following we will show the database at the same time to explain to you why people will need it.”

Graham says: your primary goal is not to the development of the project all may tell investors, but with the brief introduction to let investors understand that your project is worth to continue the discussion. So you need to use a similar method of calculus by success step by step calculations to achieve target. In the presentation of you start to do in the short and clear, beautiful, let you as much as possible, you can then expounds and introduced in detail.

this is not just about your products and market, if you can’t do effective communication and persuade your investors, even if your products can meet the needs of consumers, you can’t get the investment.


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