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in a corner of the street, you may see a once popular cowboy entity shop, but is no longer seen. And the rapid development of Internet has given rise to the electronic commerce, and now people can never leave home to buy what they want, and a treasure well interpretation of what is called “only you think, no I can’t do”. Each year in electric business platform at behind hundreds of billions of transactions, hidden is the regression of entity shop. when people argue in store when there is no future, but there was a team shouted out the slogan of “starting your entity shop”. Perhaps, each time there is always a group of “knowing that mountain tiger, race line” stubborn person.

“the Internet is not an industry, but a new way of thinking of innovation, and the innovation should be to optimize the traditional industry and people’s consumption behavior.” Welife founder Zhang Gongnian tell hunting cloud network, the Internet in the first few times really optimized for the life of people, the baidu and portal website optimizes the way people access to information, tencent QQ provide people with social communication convenient, taobao overturned people’s shopping way, “but now the Internet + optimization degree is not enough for the traditional industry.” Welife focus on physical stores to provide users with demand, and this needs including material and spiritual two aspects.

Welife value is creative, as long as enough unique creativity, favored by the Welife team, the team will provide site, funds, a lot of resource such as project planning, and the management of the restaurant is owned by creative provider. Of course, there is a truth that there is no free lunch, Welife will be agreed and creative provider and set goals, the performance as the evaluation standard of physical stores, of course this model is a win-win, Welife will be profitable. Welife will have special team to supervise store sales data, unable to meet sales shops will be eliminated by the end, in order to realize update iteration of the shop.

Welife stresses “originality” is characteristic mentioned above will be online to offline core, through the cooperation channels Welife will let many net friend to set up their own shops, these shops must be able to bring new stores for the user experience. Zhang Gongnian believes that the Internet online features include two aspects of social and transaction, Welife want to do is pull the two features in the offline store, the so-called “the real world is very wonderful. In Welife future blueprint, the user can drink coffee in the store, buy clothes, eat, offline all the goal is to meet user needs, at the same time allow the user to find a like-minded friend in Welife.

“you now see the shop is no longer the traditional entity shop to see you, in addition to the store to store experience, we also want to create something entirely new business models.” Zhang Gongnian tell hunting cloud network. “Free to start your store” this sentence has multiple meanings, the user can put things they don’t want to but a complete in Welife shop, any people in the shop as long as take a fancy to this item will be something private.

a lot of people may think, the founder of Welife must be a local tyrants bosses, to throw money without fear. in fact, Welife in addition to being an entity shop operators, is part of building shops Welife through cooperation with real estate developers, to shop for creative people who want to open a shop, through these characteristics of stores to increase the added value of the house, attract people who want to buy a house, also is to use optimization products to provide service for developers. + entity shop operators “and” real estate developer cooperation, Welife created a new model. but this and the developer cooperation pattern, also let all the shops in the area and the user has a certain limitation. Put aside and developer cooperation, from the entity shop operators positioning and Welife into competition with convenience store Today, is also the entity business operating company, but Today has its fixed store mode (stores), and Welife for shop is multiple types.

team, founder Zhang Gongnian, a former advertising company CEO, and have many years of experience in real estate industry. Currently fewer team, for the scarcity of talent is Zhang Gongnian facing a very challenging problem. like a word, the dream is like not the flowers bloom, or wither, either in full bloom.