on 13 June (word/Zhao Zixiao)

in addition to the financing evening of 6 p.m. daily, hunting new “financing remit a week” cloud, now is adjusted for every Saturday to meet with everyone, including education, finance, automobile transportation, housing, health, tourism, O2O local life, games, advertising, intelligent hardware, style, enterprise services, social, electricity, tools, various categories.

last week (6.6 ~ 6.12), 55 hunting cloud network included financing successful event occurred, due to various factors, collect may not complete, the number of financing amount nor do endorsement, judge is only for market). Compared with the previous week, number four. Enterprise financing successfully number soared, back in a few weeks before the popularity and the corresponding intelligent hardware is welcomed by the situation.

in addition, O2O local life, automobile transportation and online education is in line with last week, the number of successful financing also reflect the huge potential in these fields, immense, still has to dig potential. Tourism and real estate are cooling, the Internet financial is reduced to zero for the first time.

O2O local life nine

Chinese massage O2O to e palm angel round was 5 million yuan, from jiangsu WuJiu nine large investment institutions and Sue tiangong joint venture investment institutions. E palm is a Chinese massage O2O door service platform, the platform in the massage teacher are professional certified and has many years of experience technicians.

focus on the office of the head and neck and shoulder massage nine brother millions angel financing, the investor is very serious funds and 3 w. Nine brother O2O based on micro letter to make an appointment the door massage service, located in office scene segment of head and neck and shoulder massage services.

campus O2O door head 10 million financing, the investor instant for Shanghai. The door head on offline resources integration and to the point of deep mining, do business to B and to C. For group a is FMCG businesses near school, the head will be offline to online campus surrounding resources integration. Second, the school has a demand of students.

housekeeping O2O jie bear angel investment ten million yuan, the investor is hong tuan wealth. Jie bear zhongyang belonging to chengdu century network technology co., LTD. Is its love of n a week cleaning brands.

take-out O2O stupid Xiong Zao rice for tens of millions of yuan A round of financing, the investor for the asia-pacific region one of the food and beverage giant, with capital and resources in the way of investment. Stupid Xiong Zao rice is a catering takeout brand, belonging to feed thousands of fast food management (Beijing) co., LTD.

local transport collaborative platform providers oTMS won $10 m A + round of financing, the investor to become China’s capital, warp/weft and baidu. OTMS, a logistics transportation management platforms, using the “SaaS platform + mobile App” mode connection transportation, is committed to create a commercial platform for the local transportation coordination.

Indian startups Zopper $20 million b round and investors for Tiger Global and Nirvana Venture Advisors. By Zopper, users can be from a nearby store to buy things on the Internet, and wait for business delivery.

jingle platform Delivery Hero won $110 million in a new round of financing. Investors for failing to disclose the name of the two public market investors. Delivery Hero in 34 countries around the world at present, cooperation between restaurant for more than 20 m, monthly order quantity is 10 million, on sales of $165 million.

American private kitchen food take-away O2O platform Blue Apron D round of $135 million in financing, by Fidelity Management and Research Company in led, before some investors and investment; Blue Apron business model for submissions to subscribers in advance of the volume with good “kit” cooking, includes a meal enough ingredients, condiments, and recipes.

business service level nine

Vidooly a $1 million round of funding, the seeds of investors for the Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP). Vidooly start-up companies is a video analysis from India. The funding will be used to get the user for the company in the global scope, and continue to product development work.

financial Education technology company Allovue won $1 million in financing, the investor to Baltimore Angels, Serious Change II, Red House, Education, Baltimore, Boost the Fund. The restaurant in Baltimore’s start-up companies in the United States Balance its PC applications, software is a budget plan as a whole, but it is specifically for education institutions decision makers (mainly primary and secondary school principal) services: this segment crowd principals can use it to record the school budget and expenditure, and records related to student performance data (such as attendance and test scores).

office computer leasing is easy to point the deposit free rent 6 million yuan angel rounds of financing, the investor for HongTai funds, account for 15% of the shares. This round of funding will be mainly used for market development and asset management platform.

view days wisdom and company won nearly thousands of yuan angel round, by the high mountains huaxing investment. View days wisdom was founded in 2010, focused on intelligent terminal shop + cloud platform, is committed to the intelligent store terminals and cloud platform solution provider, its products are for B intelligent saas software and hardware integration products, based on the android intelligent location for the cash register.

51 social security net for $4 million in A round of funding, led by the broadband capital, xuan, jiuhe venture capital and, 51 social security network dedicated to entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises to provide industrial and commercial registration, employment, social security management, business management, salary management, welfare management, and other services, effectively help enterprises to realize the employment risk prevention and control, artificial cost optimization and employee benefits.

Cockroach Labs won $6.25 million in financing, the venture capital firms take part in the financing Benchmark, Google Ventures and sequoia capital. By former Google employees spencer Kim bor and other eight developers departure was created. – CockroachDB they designed an open source database, Spanner, similar to Google’s database system in a large number of the system can continue to maintain the company’s online and automatic balance between server resources.

marketing automation start-ups Colabo $7 million for A round of funding, by Marker LLC led, Kaedan Capital, and the original investors Paul Maritz isoparametric shot. Colabo is one of the marketing and sales staff to provide real-time service startup cross-domain data analysis and decision, its marketing and sales solutions can be integrated LinkedIn, Twitter and so on nearly 130 kinds of online data source, automatically generate sales leads for the use of frontline staff.

Docker infrastructure software start-ups Rancher Labs won $10 million in A round of funding. This round of financing by the Mayfield and Nexus Venture Partners and investment, financing income will be used to expand and further research and development, and implementation and more integrated system. Rancher Labs is a start-up companies provide container technology infrastructure, founder of Sheng Liang and Shannon Williams is Citrix former employees, who founded the cloud service Cloud.com and in the later acquired by Citrix.

electricity the whole channel management platform cloud store won A $10 million round of funding, and investors to softbank saif, the financing will be mainly used for building entire network product library, the entire network marketers of products to the cloud storage, custody. Cloud store based on the Internet “cloud services” business model, using cloud technology to solve data exchange and synchronization between the electric business platform more difficult problem.

tools service class eight

wedding service platform to find my reservation network millions angel financing, soft angel fund investors for the north. Looking for my network platform, is China’s first wedding people online booking from chengdu to find my technology co., LTD., investment operation, to let the couple easily find the most suitable wedding, including host, photographer, cameraman, dresser and so on.

“don’t tangle” won the million dollar A round of funding, investors for funds. “Don’t tangle” tries to, by means of mutual help users struggling with no time to make a decision, to solve the problem.

Arcadia Data won $11.5 million in financing, the financing of the led for Mayfield Fund, other investment institutions including Blumberg Capital and Intel Capital. Arcadia Data was founded in 2013, the start-up officially launched a use of open source software Hadoop development enterprise intelligent Data analysis tool, this tool can be produced in a variety of business Data storage and analysis.

photo sharing application PicsArt won $15 million in a new round of financing, the Insight Venture Partners and Sequoia Capital investment (Sequoia Capital). PicsArt aims to share pictures and editing for the perfect unity. Users can PicsArt mobile editing features to your own pictures and paintings for editing.

the little red book to receive tens of millions of dollars of b round, GGV GGV capital investment. The little red book product positioning is: to share shopping community, recommend worth buying overseas product for the user.

Bolt Threads $32.3 million b round, this round of investment in Capital venture Capital firm is given priority to, Peter, Peter Thiel () founded by raised Fund and the Formation of eight were also involved. Bolt Threads is a company founded by three scientists from six years ago Dr Emerging company, at present, the company has received $forty million in venture capital used for genetic modification and batch production they found in the spider’s web of material used to make clothing.

Hire network

test for 35 million yuan A round of funding, the investor for individual investors. Have measurement products “hire network measurement” is a resume analysis tools, can through the analysis of the evaluation of the candidate as a result, on the basis of resume complanation description above, provide enterprises with more dimension “job seekers portrait”.

500 lottery net won a $124 million investment, investors in violet light international as its largest shareholder. 500 lottery net is China’s first online lottery service company, China’s Internet pioneer in the field of lottery sales, leading the industry standard, created a complete business model of Internet ticket sales.

online education six

youth international education and innovation practice platform business for millions of Pre – A round of funding, investors in Hong Kong A well-known family. Young business school to think in the Internet transforming social practice project, launched “online video broadcast + offline independent practice” pattern of online education project “boring subject.

study abroad study abroad O2O she won A $18 million round of financing, the investor better future for China’s leading education science and technology enterprises. Went to study abroad is a study abroad adviser O2O platform, with C2C mode connection advisers and the student.

piano teaching O2O star shop C in $20 million round of funding, led by jia royal fund, suitable for capital and blue ventures with pitch. Star shop through online booking, offline experiences and come to 1 to 1 teaching piano teaching service for the users, and the door for children 1 to 1 teaching and small class piano course for adults.

tutor O2O crazy teacher $20 million b round of funding, the wheel by tencent alone. Crazy teacher is a vertical K12 extracurricular counselling O2O platform, through C2C model docking teachers and students, disintermediation.


teacher education $200 million b round and for gene capital investment. Teacher education since founded in 2002, after 13 years development change, has completed the triple jump, from the traditional offline training counselling organization transformation and upgrading as high quality education service platform.

language learning application Duolingo $45 million for a new round of funding, by Google Capital led, the company’s investors are also involved in the investment. Many neighbors user interface and the design of the gaming can arouse the students’ interest in active learning, so as to keep active.

car traffic five

city fast freight and logistics dog speed transport grade tens of millions of dollars for b + round of funding. This round of funding including MFund magic amount of fund before 91 wireless CEO Hu Zemin, PPS, founder and worked at Google China serial entrepreneurs, as well as the current shareholders renren Chen, etc. With pitch. Dogs quickly speed shipment from Hong Kong, is also called car software, fast dog speed is called the “truck”. Its model for docking on both ends of the driver and user, aimed at resolving the user special handling, pet furniture, business users cargo transport demand, the delivery of the goods.

P2P fast car rental car rental platform for 60 million yuan A round of funding, such as ficus altissima capital, green Cong capital investment. Rent a car belonging to the guangzhou car quickly at the guest network technology co., LTD., the platform on October 16, 2014 officially launched operations, founder and CEO chun-hui Yang. So far come quickly to rent a car in guangzhou, foshan, shenzhen, changsha, wuhan and other five cities.