on July 24 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

in addition to daily evening evening news “financing, hunting new” financing remit a week “cloud, now is adjusted for every Saturday to meet with everyone, including online education, finance, automobile transportation, housing, health, tourism, O2O local life, games, advertising, intelligent hardware, style, enterprise services, social, electricity, tools, various categories.

last week (7.18 ~ 7.24), hunting cloud network included financing successful event 86 (because of various factors, the collection may not complete, the number of financing amount nor do endorsement, judge is only for market). Keep balance with a week before the number. Most enterprises financing success, to achieve 16; O2O financing local life number 12, last week, dark horse health care financing quantity has decreased significantly. Smart hardware and obvious increase in the number of online education financing success, the decrease in the number of electrical contractor accordingly. The rest no too big change.

16 enterprise service:

Palantir Technologies won $450 million in financing, the investor is not clear. Palantir Technologies is a mysterious large data company in silicon valley, this round of financing its $20 billion valuation.

Medallia won $150 million in financing, the investor is sequoia capital. Medallia is one of America’s customer experience management software as a service (SaaS) of start-ups.

vauen data received $100 million C round of financing, the investor of haitong securities. Vauen data is wuxi a comprehensive cloud computing service provider.

Testin cloud test won $54.9 million in a new round of funding, led by sea silver capital, ficus altissima and IDG capital and capital. Beijing cloud network measurement technology is committed to providing mobile Internet real machine cloud services.

vocabulary technology $200 million B round and participation by Shanghai media group and hunan radio and television group set up by the led industry fund, citic built for securities investment funds to throw. Guangzhou vocabulary focus on science and technology for advertisers and developers to provide quality user acquisition, precision marketing, integrated solutions and flow rate can be sold and turned into money.

Continuum Analytics won $24 million in financing, by BuildGroup and General Catalyst Partners led. Continuum Analytics is a Python distributors, can customize the Python distributions for the enterprise.

Cazena $20 million B round, 8 led by Formation, Andreessen Horowitz and North Bridge Venture Partners to vote. Cazena is one of America’s new platform to help companies deal with data.

Leadspace $18 million B round and score Leadspace provide predictive diabetes mellitus is a B2B service start-ups.

WireX for $9.3 million, a new round of financing by the Vertex Venture Capital led, Magma Venture Capital and more individual investors to vote. WireX is network forensics company in Israel, for enterprise customers to provide faster and more effective network security solution.


strategic investment 45 million yuan, the investor of China tech center with its view of Shanghai by equity funds of the partnership enterprise. There is a Beijing massive open online course integrated operators.

won net for tens of millions of RMB financing strategy, led by tecent, with capital and compound and investment. Won the network is a Shanghai build business model of the vertical search + lawyer community, to provide users with online legal consulting service company.

HackerRank won a $7.5 million investment, investors for Japan’s giant Recruit human resources. HackerRank is hiring a programmer competition platform in the United States.

cool cat for tens of millions of yuan A round of investment, the investor is A well-known domestic investment institutions. Cool cat is a domestic store Shanghai O2O system service provider.

love employees angel round investment ten million yuan, the investor as the fly anime Cai Dongqing chairman. Love is a guangzhou staff for the small and medium-sized enterprises to provide personnel management, recruitment management, human resources management tools such as SaaS provider.

venture dream factory grade must angel round, by abundant capital, cheng jing mother snatched fund, its capital, thick German jointly participate in the investment. Vc dreamworks SKG is Shanghai venture global perspective of new media.

TangScan by sequoia capital investment, and did not disclose the specific amount. TangScan clouds by Beijing team to connect good hole digging, security analysis of white hat and have a security requirements of enterprise.

O2O local life since December:

the people network financing more than 2.2 billion yuan, the investor for citic, high su, deep venture, zhongjian shots and several domestic investment institutions, such as strategic investors. The network is a Shanghai classifieds site.

e home clean for hundreds of millions of yuan C round of financing, the investor for the well-known brokerage and CDH capital, cheng jing mother funds, tencent win-win industry funds, etc. E home clean is a housekeeping O2O in Beijing.

Shanghai campus O2O an to also for 110 million yuan A round of funding, led by JingLin capital and share capital. An to also based on the demand characteristics of college students’ consumption and services, for college students to provide catering, part-time, financial transactions, four different services.

cloud print for 50 million yuan A round of funding. Shenzhen cloud printing technology was founded in August 2013, take root in the commercial printing industry, construct the severe vertical O2O platform.

Descomplica $8 million B round of investment. Descomplica is a Brazilian education O2O company.

massage lion for 32 million yuan A round of financing, the investor to do better health industry co., LTD. Massage the lion was established in March 2015, is a door to door massage O2O company hangzhou.

hand health won A round of investment of $20 million. Hand health APP is a foot massage massage O2O enterprises in shenzhen, in 2015 officially launched in May.

the popurality network for tens of millions of yuan A round of funding, for goods sheng capital investment. The popurality net is zhengzhou local fresh O2O platform.

KFit won $3.25 million in financing, led by sequoia capital. KFit is an American company to provide customers convenient fitness services.

hair O2O star guest more for millions of dollars in angel rounds of financing, the innovation works, lee, Ming potential ming-ming huang and angel collects the joint investment of capital. Star guest is a Shanghai is committed to the haircut perfectly Internet + beauty industry co., LTD.

western vegetarian rice a clear control kechuang angel rounds of investment, 5 million by the qing kechuang led control. Rice is a main western vegetarian positioning of the company in Beijing.

online store platform love fresh bee B rounds of financing, the investor is hillhouse capital, sequoia capital. Love fresh bee is a Beijing based on LBS platform for the online store.

Financial nine:

pay treasure 250 million yuan of investment, investors for Oriental wealth. Oriental wealth treasure to pay a 27% stake in the parent company. Pay treasure is a third-party payment platform, Shanghai financial sector focused on electronic payment and the Internet.

Orient finance net for 200 million yuan A round of funding, led by JingLin investment, capital and other institutions and han. Data shows, network based in suzhou, east financing for micro, small and medium enterprises, equity financing and debt financing policy, financing, listed such as comprehensive financing solutions.

appear to be financial for tens of millions of dollars A round of funding, sharing led by shenzhen. Valued at nearly $. Appear to be financial is a focus on hangzhou car insurance financial platform of the Internet.

feng cast net A round of investment 20 million yuan, the investor for CPT capital, the real investment. Feng network is a Shanghai Internet auto financing platform.

UK financial technology company Revolut 1.5 million financing, the investor for the European investment institutions Balderton Capital. Revolut help users easily at any time during the trip through the App to complete the money transfer, and not to the user fees.

multinational currency platform BitX won $4 million in financing, led by Naspers group, digital currency group to vote. BitX headquartered in Singapore, for emerging markets such as southeast Asia and Africa wallet, exchange and merchants and docking services.

Zero wallet

grade do A round of funding, venture investors are blue. Zero wallet focus to build a home automation services for financial small white wealth management platform.

seed gold dress grade must financing, investors and potential for the plum blossom angel capital. Seeds gold suit is nanjing company with farmers “farmers staging” mall and Internet banking platform “seed money” two independent brands.

Ketto won $700000 in financing, from Calcutta Angels members Pradyumna Dalmia as well as from The Chennai Angels of Sudhir Rao lead shot. Ketto is a headquartered in mumbai, India, the raised platform.

smart hardware eight:

chong xin laser D round won nearly one hundred million yuan. Shenzhen chong xin laser has officially launch, will continue to consolidate the leading position in the international and domestic market share of laser, and promote the rapid development of global laser industry.

3 d printing company Modern Meadow won $10 million in A round of investment, the investor for an investment. Modern Meadow is a start-up companies in the United States, the company can develop in the laboratory animal meat and leather.

lingyun intelligence won A $10 million round of funding, the extremely KeBang venture led, cloud fund, broadband, sequoia capital China, is very serious, hillhouse with vc institutions, such as shot. Lingyun intelligence is a two rounds of the electric car start-up company in Beijing.

beast rider for 50 million yuan A round of funding, by innovation works collar, Tang Binsen and challenging funds to vote. Beast rider is a focus in the cycling sports Beijing start-up company, its product line including cycling APP and cycling intelligent control equipment.

Sleepace shu send $44.056 million B round, by luo lai home textile, jingdong, and shots. Sleepace shu pie is a shenzhen start-up company focused on the areas of sleep health, recently launched “RestOn” wearable intelligent detection equipment.

YunDing network series A investment 15 million yuan, the investor, Letv and lenovo star for beauty. Ding at security door lock is the domestic first Beijing YunDing network intelligent security door lock.

Baby Hero 10 million yuan of the Pre – A round of financing, the investor for HuaRui investment. Hangzhou Baby Hero intelligent temperature measurement into the Baby health management, products are intelligent thermometer Baby Hero.

Luna won a $1.3 million investment, investors for private investors. Luna is a research and development of intelligent mattress dealer in the United States, the mattress can adjust temperature, record your sleep patterns and be able to connect to it equipment.

online education eight:

51 offer

to raise $50 million for two years. Respectively: in September 2013, chung king group ten million yuan of the Pre – A round of investment; In April 2014, silicon valley venture capital funds NEA millions of dollars in A round of investment; In February 2015, starr group led, NEA and B round of investment. Three times total financing amount of $50 million. 51 offer is a free application Shanghai intelligence platform.

baylor subject English for nearly $200 million B round of funding. Led by Shanghai far east group. Baylor subject English is a Beijing to “immersion subject English” as the teaching method of the juvenile’s English training institutions.

Crazy teacher

$24 million B + round of financing, the investor as Kun feathered capital and share capital. Crazy teacher is a Shanghai tutoring O2O.