(text/Yang Sihui)

at the end of 2014, 150 million national civil car ownership, if every car wash the car 10 to 20 times a year, with a single service cost 20-30 yuan, the market scale will reach billions of level. From the perspective of the project quantity of into the door car market, a “regiment campaign” has been lifted, “little orange car wash” is also one of the participants in the war.

“orange is a kind of the most common fruit, I want to by the name” little orange lets the user feel warm and meticulous, washing the car is not a cold, we care about the user’s car, on the user side.” Small orange car wash founder FuWei convective cloud network said. FuWei is after 80 female entrepreneurs, was formerly huawei chip engineers. Coming out from huawei, li d FuWei joined the Internet custom furniture enterprises. Last year, she had to the idea of starting their own business, then founded the little orange car wash with friends.

small orange car launched in the middle of march this year, the current number to WeChat public service for the user, the user through WeChat order, small orange 2 send professional technicians to the user a parking space, to provide full service. At present, the small orange car wash service scope is chengdu tianfu software park and surrounding areas, services including cleaning, chamber clean appearance, interior fine body in washing and decontamination, decontamination wax, etc. Different models according to the service items and prices range from 25 to 280 yuan.

small orange car wash water take 1-3 l l “water washing”. Then, the water will not wash clean, or harm the car surface? In the face of hunting cloud network question that FuWei explains: “we adopt standardized service process, cleaning process has 32, even if the water is not much, also still can ensure clean. Washing agent contains carnauba wax, use for a long time of vehicle paint and protection. For the dirty vehicles, can’t really clean, we will choose to let users to store wash the car.”

today, in the north many first-tier cities such as community ride electric two rounds or tricycle do door-to-door car wash service personnel has been very common. To market the car wash, e car wash, croak washing of car door is a typical O2O. To accumulation of users, many companies launch of 1 yuan promotional activities, such as washing the car, free car wash with washing, E car wash, and maintain a little early staged a new round of price war.

these car door startups have a dream: for washing the car door entrance, extends to the beauty, maintenance, maintenance, insurance, etc. After the car market. While FuWei tell hunting cloud network, small orange route planning is different. “At this stage, little orange concentrate on washing the car, just want to wash it. O2O to offline service capacity requirement is high, we would like to service supremely well recognised by the user, the user rather than through a price war.” FuWei said.

the next stage, little orange car will make the partner program, everyone can join in, as long as the identity of small orange service concept: strictly follow small orange service process, service quality, have the spirit of the bear hardships and stand hard work, will be washing the car door for his own business. “We want to pass the plan and let these individuals to find out in the era of O2O positioning, and carries on the reform from the Internet, make its benefit.” FuWei said.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, small orange car angel round is underway.