computer can not only solve mathematical problems and let’s see the meow star video. Gradually, it began to judge our character.

maybe we should feel grateful.

, a company located in palo alto, California, in the past 15 months, lend $135 million to credit rating can be largely ignored. They mainly newly graduated students, no mortgages, car loans and credit card settlement.

which can help determine whether a person has a good credit rating, but graduates workplace social experience is not enough. So the Upstart to focus on their SAT scores, study in which university, professional course and integral average (GPA). Similar to evaluate job prospects, the company to evaluate their personality.

Upstart co-founder Paul Gu

“if let two people in the same environment (such as whether there are children) to do the same job, after five years have a higher GPA are more likely to pay off the debt.” Upstart co-founder and product director Paul Gu said. “Key not your ability to pay, but how much you value your job duty.”

this idea, through the data validation, showed that those who will be reviewing with homework, or extra studies for the pop quiz, are more likely to keep their debt.

when the analysis is to judge people. “I guess you would call it” personality “, but we haven’t use this tag.” 24, Gu said.

the same personality power can also be applied to the top high schools and top grade. Former Google executive Douglas Merrill, founded the company, as chief executive. This is a non-traditional data inquiry offer subprime loans to people.

a signal is used to determine: if someone give up halfway through wireless phone in advance. Address is often tinged with uncertainty, and tend to be more reliable contact telephone. Gave up wireless prepaid phone active (or forced) means you have to leave your family or a potential employer. This is a bad sign.

Zest recently look into the “float” near high credit rating borrowers, this kind of person’s credit rating or from good drop, either from the inferior to rise. Why would change their credit classification, Zest to try to figure out a reliable potential borrowers will encounter some temporary bad luck, such as the medical treatment fee that pays a good sum.

“character is a testing form, but there is’ ability to pay ‘and’ willingness to pay ‘that there was a significant difference between,” said Merrill. “If you only look at financial transactions, it is difficult to determine a voluntary payment.”

Merrill, has a doctorate in psychology at Princeton university, thinks the data driven more fair than standard measures of personality analysis.

“people always judge a person by many ways, but there is no data to support the judgment will be selection bias,” he said. “Based on our understanding of a person to judge him, but people tend to favor and we like.” Familiarity is a kind of rough way of risk management, because our hearts have established expectations. It’s not fair.

character (although this is not the most neutral) now judged by many other algorithms. , provide a personnel based on cloud computing software, released a product, pay attention to employee’s 45 performance factors, including in a specific position of time and work. Then predict whether this person may leave and give appropriate advice, such as providing new jobs or transfer, in order to maintain stable.

according to the manager’s ability, can also be described to them, such as “miraculous” “the terminator”. Inside the Workday, it analyzes their own sales team, in order to understand the secret of success. The results showed that the primary factor is: tenacity.

“we for hiring and promotion personnel have their own preferences,” Workday technology strategy director Dan Beck said. “If we can use the data to overcome the defects, would be great.”

people will be encouraged to study these characteristics, because “if you know there is a successful model, why not?”

in a sense, this and people read biographies of outstanding person is no different, is to find action leads to success you need to complete. Only this time is in the broader level, observe every one of us.

we have reason to believe that a judgment based on the data more reasonable and reliable. A professor of computer science at Stanford, says Jure Leskovec, a study is coming to an end, the forecast results of data analysis with the court hearing the jurors to comparing with the results of only a few minutes to observe prisoners (jurors whether it is harmful to society). Initial experimental results show that the crime, based on the analysis of the data in forecasting accuracy of 30%, Leskovec says.

“algorithm is not subjective,” he said. “The only people there is bias.”

this view also have inadequate: algorithm is not falling from the sky. The algorithm is written. Even if the result without bias, algorithm design is possible. We may clings to the belief that a defect, namely mathematics will never be.

Upstart Gu said, he has a great SAT scores, but out of Yale. If you use the original algorithm, he is short of Upstart lending standards. Then he changed the algorithm design, he said he was aware of the responsibilities of the job in the future.

“whenever found a (refuse) mark, we have to ask yourself, ‘if someone told him because of this reason is rejected, we will feel better? ‘” he said.


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