at the forefront of grassroots entrepreneurs to have idea, or a serial entrepreneur sea turtles there is energy? In the era of Internet +, we feel is self-improvement and the passion of director of various kinds of entrepreneurs. Overseas Chinese from New York to Mike Zhang Yida, come to chengdu, decided to start the Chinese “, “want to be a joint office social circle.

WeWork do is, with the discounted price to rent unused office space for start-ups and personal office, relying on the rent for a profit. In addition to office space, office soft to stay in the company also provide other services. It is reported, WeWork has been valued at 10 billion. WeWork model obtained a lot of entrepreneurs and investors in the Chinese market, there are many similar company, such as “returnees entrepreneurial institute” optimal guest factory, SOHO3Q short-term lease office space.

misspellings (brain) wow, founder and CEO Zhang Yida co-working community has a double major in economics and psychology at the university of New York, during my internship in junior year received three offers from Wall Street at the same time, however, he did not choose stable high income work, but and friends has decisively into the real estate investment. Zhang Yida in 2013 founded the beginning of New York in the United States capital, within a year, he led the team to a quarter of turnover reached 17 million us dollars. During startup, Zhang Yida realized the pain of many office found that the entire process waste a third of the time on the processing of office environment, and is a startup, he felt the impact of Internet on real estate.

the misspellings and how a product?

like WeWork, the transformation of Walnut is the traditional commercial real estate, it not only give entrepreneurial teams and the personalized platform for office rental free workers, and the attention of more Chinese outsourcing services, including the basic administrative, legal, financial, etc., the fragmentation of office demand provided to recruit young people. Through social activities, grow in the platform of investment and financing opportunities, invisible earnings. And solved the company rent into big alone, pain points of resource waste. After do have the quality of service, allows users to establish dependencies of product, there will be opportunities in the transformation of many, such as P2P, big data as a whole the efficient resources docking, etc. Zhang Yida choose the misspellings with entrepreneurial potential, come first in chengdu and good business environment, and then gradually expanding.

cloud network hunting, misspellings community has 2500 square meters, can accommodate 350 people at the same time, a fashion decoration style and pleasant atmosphere. Users can in Web side misspellings membership application, approved by the audit, can move into, and then enterprise or individual can communicate face to face contact App online or offline community. Walnut through data management system, using the GPS, smart door locks, etc to reduce the manpower, to achieve efficient management, become a kind of new office mode.

Zhang Yida told hunting cloud network: “out of the company, after I WeWork feelings in New York for a month, and then return home with friends founded the Walnut, Walnut, Walnut, like innovation, use opportunely force can be a good break, then see is very rich in resources. I hope misspellings will give young people more thoughts of the collision, in the same office environment zero distance of cooperation, sharing resources, dispel their loneliness, to solve some practical problems. We to achieve low cost, flexible, efficient service, the membership, in continuous resources supplement, achieve good business cycle.

the misspellings in August released products, and products of the important details will be announced. But the financing situation wasn’t disclosed.

products: Walnut co-working
Company: chengdu walnut network co., LTD.

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