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in your life, whether there is a lovely dog or cat to accompany in side? Not only are they your pets, more like a kind friend, there is a no words are necessary between you trust and rely on. But when you take it out for a walk after supper, the yard has not found the similar; You just don’t have the time when it wants to take a bath, When it was ill happen to you familiar with the pet hospital closed; Or you just want to regular Po some pet photos to the circle of friends were all abandon… The inability to walk, let it help you to solve.

the ring for a walk is a pet people oriented pet social-networking application. Pet owners can not only share the pet on walking ring related images, text, video, Po out with their love dandle dribs and drabs of life, let more people praise you lovely cats and dogs, as well as pet provides an all-round service platform: you can use this platform to know more pet owners, help your pet to find more playmates; Here you can search for news of pet adoption, put a little animals need only be home; If you encountered the problem of pet, you can through this platform to find 5 km within the scope of the pet shop, hospital, help you solve problems in a timely manner.

with a pet shop and hospital cooperation is key point in the development of walking the circle in the near future. Walking the circle founder Mr. Zheng told hunting cloud network: “we hope that the pet services with pet owners, between the parties relating to some pet problems can communicate better, and to provide users with more on pet service discounts and benefits.” Walking the circle is now cooperating with more than 600 pet stores in Shanghai have, coverage of 60% or more.

about the future, walk the lap plan gradually to Beijing, guangzhou, shenzhen these pet needs more city radiation, and at the same time hope to do more offline activities related to pets, as more and more pet lovers to provide liaison channels and an opportunity to share each other’s love dandle intravenous drip. And to develop in the form of O2O, cooperate with more pet stores, pet foster care, beauty, and the dog for a walk, etc, hope to pet’s various needs, by a phone call to the door.

keep a dog and a cat when Mr. Zheng said their pet is very excited, he told his hunting cloud network, the whole team 11 people, pet population has more than 20, in addition to wang meow o o, hamsters and rabbits. There is no doubt that this is a collective love dandle team.

the android version of walking the circle in the July 3 is launched, so far has more than 10000 registered users, but not many active users. To Mr. Zheng hopes in the ios version online after increasing propaganda, let more friends to join walking the circle have a pet.

competing goods have the pet, bell, etc. The pet as a pet service platform, only do the door to wash the dog and beauty and to the door the service specialization, more targeted. Bell such pet BBS do more elaboration: hot dogs classify for love dandle people search, to provide a clearer novice clearer wikipedia and other information. So also with “there are specializing in” the beauty of the pet compared with bell, just start walking the circle is still a long way to go.

financing ways, walking the circle has yet to gain the investment, are in the angel round stage.