think credit card company, they have been in the online payment found Allies in the increasingly competitive society. It is the Stripe.

Visa already and the San Francisco, 5 billion payment valuation class venture company signed a business agreement, then on the investment. The commercial agreement shows that the two companies would pay security and new product innovation in close cooperation, and the investment is a part of this round of big company financing, other investors include new join in Kleiner Perkins and financing in May when the old party.

Visa would not disclose the investment amount, Stripe also only said the total financing amount is less than $100 million. Through this financing, Stripe has three credit companies both in bulk for alliance: American Express and Visa. To obtain the possibility of a MasterCard or an investment alliance, Stripe, the CEO of Patrick Collison don’t want to do too much evaluation, just say “our focus now is to the credit card service can be efficient operation as a whole.”

this just took place in a turbulent period of cooperation, the science and technology company, credit card, network services, retailers and startup in jostle you push me, want to in the digital mobile payment market. Stripe due to the software easy to use, can make online transactions and app makers to accept credit card payments faster, by credit card companies as Allies.

in turn, the new independence PayPal, be alert to the credit card company. Because when it in dealing with a large number of credit CARDS, shoppers will also try to control, let them use the bank account to pay, after all, the processing of this payment method spending less than a credit card to pay for PayPal.

according to Collison, Visa and Stripe between commercial treaty can be summarized as three aspects. In terms of front end security, will cooperate with Visa Stripe, obtain its tokening service (tokenization service), converts a shopper’s credit card information to a placeholder code (placeholder codes), cyber criminals even if intercepted the code is also useless. For payment data is stored in its core business, Stripe will continue to use its existing tag technology, but the future could trade through the Visa’s help to build new content.

the two companies will also try to hand in hand to create new digital pay experience, although both sides do not have much details could be discussed. Finally, Visa plans to use its own strong relationships with other financial institutions, to help the Stripe expand rapidly in emerging markets.

“if your goal is to increase the GDP of online trading, and to the whole world spread faster, the credit card network is obvious is the goal of the cooperation with you.” Collison said in an interview.

an obvious question: don’t, don’t invest in cooperation, the two can’t do these things? Maybe. But the mystery of the alliance is: cooperation provides both sides with teammates, motivating, technology sharing, speed up the project progress, can help each other get further success.


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