about virtual lover, my first reaction is that movie “its ehrs, 2013 is simply lonely otaku fall in love with the story of the computer operating system. In real life, however, in many scenarios will make us feel lonely like a hero: the strange city, break up with lover, without friends, work pressure and insomnia, and so on. The deepest loneliness, but we are eager to have a real can liberation of the people, each other to dispel darkness, provide warm, seems to never find.

honey, a custom service + emotional share social applications. Here, you can according to the label attribute matching virtual lover, attractive woman, sunshine boy, tsundere, high cold, all into your bowl, then lovers can do personalized labels. At the same time, the user can leave want to say to the lover, and then choose matching, matching will be more precise, affinity will be higher. Wait for eligible lover, the user can choose according to the score and interest lover, then begins the exclusive one-on-one dialogue. Both sides after finishing a conversation, the timer will start, 3 minutes session is not complete, the money will be returned to the user, the user can make a bad review, shielding. The user can according to your need to purchase a chat time.

registered users can apply for to become a “c” receiving order. And when choosing “clerk” honey also has its own set of: user to record your own voice, select tags to submit. Then customer service will experience, but this way need to improve, because each person’s subjective mood is difficult to handle, so the filtering mechanism can’t locate. User before he became a “c”, the first to own experience honey all of the features, the late for training.

the concept of “virtual lovers” comes from Japan, children have grown up under the Internet environment, which is commonly known as the secondary yuan otaku women don’t go out for a long time, more accustomed to using the Internet to communicate and communication, the way of using the Internet to think to live. For them, online communication is a normal way, they even conflict with reality. Combined with the stimulation of stress, some young people want to release the pressure, through the network at the same time they diversified demand also let novelty, short-term, real-time virtual friendship patterns to develop.

virtual lover once on taobao is very fire, but may, they began to slowly in it yellow ball, taobao in the case of bear huge pressure, shielding the keyword virtual lovers. So a large number of merchants began to withdraw from QQ and BBS, but trading volumes decline. Entrance closed, demand is still there, honey founder yuh-lin Chen saw an opportunity, he served a grand, a better understanding of the secondary yuan culture.

and sweet lovers, compared to the competing goods such as pocket lovers honey is not confined to lovers, more emotional catharsis and share in an instant, is a kind of emotional communication. With the aura of virtual girlfriend or boyfriend, talk may let users more relaxed. But appeared the question: whether to the requirement of virtual lovers can just like lover’s requirements in the reality? We may be more willing to share in the presence of the strangers will be more willing to talk, can put down the phone, we will be more lonely? and honey target user group of women for 18 to 25 years old, but female users gathered, male users flocked to end is still far behind? It also has the possibility of expanding for our products.

as to the threshold of the charge will not improve user traffic, the exemption product manager told hunting cloud: “in the background data statistics, there will be a very interesting phenomenon. Users may choose to leave at the beginning, but slowly the user will have a backflow phenomenon. Many users after free trial honey, go back to other social product, chatting is not timely response and care, are choosing to return to honey.” Players are at there is such a strong adhesive, because everyone playing virtual lover, has been the default rules of the game, they are not limited to the purpose of making money, they enjoy the process of emotional sharing.

seemingly social more and more developed, people’s loneliness is increasingly strong. Seems to be the more developed science and technology, the more we are tired of the reality. Virtual is good, but the reality?

the company in May 2012 in angel investment from 2012, then they will seek A round of financing.