editor’s note: when the apple, Google, amazon, and even Facebook when competing with your company, I’m afraid the ordinary entrepreneurs will be afraid! And API. The chief executive of ai technology giants not afraid them, ready to compete with tech giants. Note that he is by no means “counterparts”, but he believes that the strength and experience for him to win a place in the market!

a named Assistant application manufacturers have been very happy to see a strong competitor is divided into virtual Assistant market with them. Why is this? Today let’s find out!

when you released a new product, you will usually do? Is to continue to find a way to innovation or dry looking at, until apple releases its new version after six months after let you no “place”?

please remember, don’t let fear stop you move forward. You must stick to it, try to produce product within the scope of your ability to the best. Then you will start looking for those big companies that haven’t dabble in areas of the market. This is the API. Ai adopt the strategy of the company. (hunting cloud network note: API. Ai is the bay area a startup, the application of speech recognition is to provide the cloud application programming interface, support system including android, iOS and Windows Phone.) In 2011, the company introduced the intelligent application Assistant personal Assistant, but about six months later, apple has introduced Siri. According to the company’s founder and chief executive, Ilya Gelfenbeyn memories, then Siri’s message for API. Ai company is like a bolt from the blue. Gelfenbeyn said they didn’t fully know what the market’s launch of Siri will respond.

but the result is some unexpected, the market reaction is helpful for Assistant. An iconic products tend to cause strong curiosity of the public, at the same time can also cause an increase in demand for similar products. That’s why the Siri after launch, Assistant is also becoming more popular. At this point, the increased demand make Assistant became eager to have Siri the only option for Android users of similar experience. After Gelfenbeyn said in Siri, Assistant of downloads from hundreds of times a day has risen to ten thousand times a day.

to tell the next Google, Microsoft, amazon and Facebook how these big companies to join this competition.

apple can be said to be the first to enter the virtual assistant in the field of science and technology giants. In 2012, Google launched Google Now, although Google Now this name really not cute but it in the Google has already developed a very powerful speech recognition based on the search function and add the function of dialogue. (hunting cloud network note: Google Now is Google in the I/O developers conference with android 4.1 system to launch an application at the same time, it will be a comprehensive understanding of your various habits and ongoing action, and use it know to provide relevant information for you.)

in 2014, Microsoft also want to a share in the field of virtual assistant, it also launched its own virtual assistant Cortana. (cloud network hunting note: Cortana is Microsoft released by the world’s first personal assistant. It can learn the user’s preferences and habits, and help users scheduling, question and so on.)

this year, Amazon also followed, launched the Amazon Echo, it is an independent virtual assistant equipment, although the function of the development of this device is limited, but it shows that the continuous standby (always – listening) technology has great development potential.

finally Facebook, it’s said it is to the Messenger service on the basis of adding a service called Moneypenny. Moneypenny users can be linked with real human assistant, moreover this kind of service is likely to be coupled with some virtual assistant function.

other startup founder after hearing these well-known large companies to enter the virtual assistant market will likely be some upset, for fear of their own companies could not survive in the fierce competition. And Gelfenbeyn don not think so, in fact he thinks that every new product launch is testimony to the others for he introduced the concept of virtual assistant. When Gelfenbeyn about Moneypenny, he said: “Facebook has data and a large number of active users in order to develop the project, its intervention in the market, I am very welcome. Not only because Moneypenny can provide very good use case for consumers and businesses, you can also to text and voice communication in the public promotion opened up a new road.”

in fact, about a year ago, Gelfenbeyn found API. Ai business model change can bring great opportunities to his company. Widely attention of the popularity of virtual assistant and surge can arouse consumers want and technology communication, let the desire of the technology to understand and get feedback. However nowadays Cortana, Siri, Google Now, Echo, and probably the upcoming Moneypenny some big company’s exclusive system, create the system is used to establish and consolidate the user for the purpose of the company’s loyalty.

this is the purpose of making some other want to introduce voice control suppliers unloved, after all, want to start from scratch to create a speech recognition system is not a simple thing. Therefore API. Ai started in an open free of charge on application interface provides its own speech recognition, some not speech recognition software developers of experts in the field will be the feature embedded in their own development of products. In September 2014 the company began offering its own application programming interface (API), more than 7000 developers are already registered for use. Although the API only a small fraction of based on the network users and developers of free, API. The ai is able to provide more customers they need extra profit in service, such as the embedded speech recognition in the independent software on the server. Gelfenbeyn also said there are a lot of big companies call said interested, including the smart home control system of smarthome suppliers and hope to make drivers can and communication of the vehicle manufacturers.

meanwhile, Assistant this app is still in development, each new virtual Assistant product can attract the public’s interest, and bring more consumers. Gelfenbeyn said in an interview: “we are currently have 20000 to 30000 new users every day, the market still has great potential of virtual assistant can development.”

when it comes to competition and the tech giant, Gelfenbeyn to other startup founder’s advice is: don’t be afraid. He said: “compared to the big company, you are have an advantage, because you have intellectual property rights, experience and technology. And big companies often develop new products very slowly, so they will try to buy you. No matter what, as long as you focus on what you are doing, it is ok to try to do it better.”


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