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positioning in the high-end, luxury version of the reality of Canada products LuxuryRetreats in recently announced A $11 million B round of financing, had earlier in 2012 won A $5 million funding round. And hunting cloud network has focused on “escape luxury home” is its followers in the country.

“escape luxury home” is a vacation overseas private book platform, target audience is biased towards high-end family vacations and team activities, special planning and inspiring villas vacation trip, to provide them with overseas holiday villa advisory one-stop service. Founder Zhang Wenqian love travelling depth of experience, the living environment in travel services have high standards and feel, apparently standardized service cannot meet the hotel, “living in a hotel will always feel like a passenger, and live in rented houses, feel with destination as well as the people here had a profound connection.”

key-2 Luxury Retreats for high-end market characteristic of villa rental service in escape Luxury home are well reflected, escape Luxury home through cooperation with local high quality villa and travel agents, to provide users with complete reservation service and vacation travel planning services. These services such as airport transportation, tourist attractions recommended, because more for overseas holidays, escape luxury home close for holiday villa users also prepared recipes recommended in both Chinese and English. Users can explore not only the destination in the process of holiday fun, more easy to experience different pattern of western mainstream villa resort.

from this house will be different kinds of villas, through parent-child villas, spa villa villa, parties, honeymoon villas tag information to meet the different needs of users for villa type. In addition, according to the different needs of users and the villa steward, chef communication to enhance the user experience, such as a romantic candlelight dinner, BBQ, etc., the sea let users enjoy the swimming pool, table, garden and terrace of comfort.

in order to guarantee the quality of the villa and safety, from luxury home staff will examine the villas field for each destination, and to provide users with the expedition’s note. Zhang Wenqian also said, if the user demand, this house also send staff to service all the way, of course, this requires the user to pay additional fees.

escape luxury home trip is usually 6 days 5 night, guest unit price in 5 w, contains the whole bedroom villas all 5 night, and full service, such as villa butler, chef. Currently offers island of phuket, koh samui, Bali, krabi, Sri Lanka, seychelles, France, Australia and other 10 destinations, nearly 500 private holiday villa booking service.

escape luxury home officially launched in February this year, has now been balanced, when it comes to the next plan, Zhang Wenqian said will add more destinations and carries on the classification. And on the profit-making mode except into will also according to the characteristics of the domestic tourists, provide more before consulting services, travel arrangements and destination local service life.