editor’s note: a minimum viable product refers to as possible at the lowest cost of the core concepts of the product strategy, which refers to with the fastest, the most concise way to build a usable prototype, the prototype to express the effect of the final product you want, and then to improve the details by iteration.

as one of the early investors and see many MVP (minimum viable product), quite a lot! Problem is, most people don’t have to establish the real MVP, but lost in prototyping, then test, finally will be actual product called the way of the MVP. It is important to note that the MVP is one of the most important client development tool. MVP test, its operation condition and the result is the key idea of measuring a software can normal of the important steps. MVP has to meet the use of timely, that he can help you to constantly adjust, eventually developing a mature product. So the question comes, the establishment of a number of MVP, began to test and record the running situation, what is the stage, what are the signal to remind you that you can now begin to create the actual product? Grasp the following three points.

Signal a:

gathering useful data showed a trend of diminishing marginal returns

every man who worked in customer development/MVP know, this is a very cruel process. An idea to put into practice, always want to face all kinds of blow, the whole process may be long and hard, sometimes even painful. But when you insist on the following three stages, transit will occur:

initial expectations for again and again hit fragmented;

the same problem appeared again and again;

effective data collection presents the law of diminishing marginal returns.

usually, in the first round of the MVP after test, all need to start again, adjust the business model, to test new ideas. Then, there is a stage, you will find that everyone is said that “this is good”, then you will continue to test. According to the test operation and user feedback, you need to fine-tune the MVP continuously. Until the MVP problems had been solved one by one, each test to collect the effective data and you need to do to fine-tune less and less, at that time, you can stop the MVP, start to make the actual product.

signal 2: client development has been going on for quite a long time

some startup, the MVP tests alone spent months or even years. In fact, a single MVP testing should be in a few hours or days, after is collect data, analyze data, adjust the duration test again after another about the MVP. In general, the MVP testing the best situation is most for one to two months can provide enough data services to build real product.

if you have an idea on has spent six months also cannot make effective operation, then you will need to reassess the situation now. Some companies know oneself to do product, others do not. If a long time you can’t find direction, the same idea wear off for several months, then it’s time to ask yourself some serious problems.

signal three: the product has been profitable

at times, when actual products or services have been profitable, some companies still in performing the MVP, which means the pricing mode of the company or target customer group is not clear. In fact, as long as you have enough “income” can end the MVP test, began A/B testing actual product (A/B testing, also known as contrast tests, is to make two versions of the landing page of pk test.) , in combination with other tools (such as some sales skills) to determine the most suitable price and target customers.

the next investment, consider the above three Suggestions, maybe help you link to the client development. Remember, the MVP test exquisite works, rather than the longer, the better.


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