(text/Wang Dongguo)

when two people of the world into a family of three, the family will happened earth-shaking changes. From the moment the baby come, how to make the healthy growth of Ta has become the core. Parenting no small matter, any link for parents is a test.

a vaccine is a treasure for infants and young children aged 0 ~ 6 years vaccination, provide the management service intelligence tools, data docking with the hospital system in real time. The product shape is App, in January 2015 in both iOS and Android platform online, only through the 360 mobile phone assistant platform download and install volume has more than 110000 times. Features include vaccination automatic reminders, online booking, priority, inoculated process guidance, parents, interactive experience. Vaccine treasure service in young parents to get through parents and the community doctors, set up a bridge health management, let the young parents also can become parenting expert.

vaccination is the most principal means human control of infectious diseases. For a long time, governments around the world health organization and actively promote the project. Vaccine treasure, co-founder of fierce told hunt cloud network, there are many young parents with no parenting experience, often forget to give their children vaccinated, or missed the time, in the process of vaccination at the same time also will encounter all sorts of problems. It was saw the parents’ pain points, that made vaccine treasure to this product.

from the entry point of view, the vaccine is a mobile health program; From a user’s point of view, the vaccine is a maternal and child services products; From the perspective of the service mode of the vaccine is a treasure O2O platform. But whether mobile medical, maternal and infant, O2O platform, in the past two years have momentum, competition is intense. The current vaccine treasure to vaccine service management as the breakthrough point, taking professional segment of the line. “Focused to make products and services, it is the key. Is the focus of the current vaccine treasure do users, the users of the mother and baby are very valuable, profit model is still in exploration.” Ann said.

mother-to-child O2O sector have guangzhou mother nets, mom 100 nets, baby tree, YaoLanWang, etc, all is to provide a link in the growth of infants and young children’s services, satisfy the young parents in the baby grow in the process of recording, such as knowledge, social networking, shopping consumption demand. Subdivided into vaccine management, currently on the market and super vaccine table, vaccination diary and similar products. Ann fierce tell hunting cloud network, vaccine treasure advantage is the largest professional, concrete manifestation in children’s vaccination records the timeliness and accuracy of personalized data real-time synchronization. At present, the vaccine has for the connection of data treasure inoculation quantity is over 1000.

team, co-founder and chief executive officer, Ann medical family background, there are 22 years industry experience, has helped in China and China’s peaceful development several network insurance and mobile business system project. Master of engineering, the CTO XiaoYingHao, cuhk has ten years of mobile Internet, IT infrastructure, consulting experience.

about the future, said fiercely, the next step is to speed up product iterations, make better products and service experience. Vaccine treasure to hope to be able to fly in a niche, after the vaccine management do deep, before considering other field mobile medical treatment.

it is understood that the vaccine treasure has now finished millions angel round.