private secretary service Magic and Operator fires in the United States recently, this has prompted domestic entrepreneur have study this new mode of service and business model, for the earlier stage to seize opportunities brought by the mode of “Magic” industry. Hunting cloud network recently focused on products and V assistant is committed to provide users with online personal service.

V assistant (online assistant) is tailored for the user a comprehensive information service assistant, for all types of users all over the country to provide ticketing, hotel, catering, tourism, act as purchasing agency, outdoor activities, such as payment of personal finance and private services. V assistant built a market based on “user demand segment matching”, dedicated to provide users with “expert” information service. Users V assistant service number or official micro letter into V assistant App, directly within the dialog box enter text or voice send demand, V assistant will reply in a minute and provide services.

and hunting cloud network than previously reported personal assistant project duo la HD, DORA HD is based on artificial intelligence is given priority to, starting from the people, through the platform for people to meet the needs of users. Such as O2O server, freelancers, and outstanding in the industry, etc. And V assistant positioning is high-end crowd in services, mainly to help the user to provide food, clothing and shelter, use, transportation, goods query and booking service, at present is given priority to with artificial customer service, smart standardized service will fit in when in phase ii version update.

in addition, V assistant adopts a, in addition to basic services, also provide custom class service for members, such as custom document writing, writing a business plan, travel guides, etc. For members to plan, the monthly membership fee 200, half year card members 900, 1500 card members, regular members free experience period of seven days. V assistant is the kind of service is more, later will give priority to with customized service. V assistant also implements advances for membership function, when the user when buying items, such as tickets, air tickets, tickets, etc., can be paid by V assistant in advance.

project director said in an interview with hunting cloud network channel, the team with the Internet financial as the background, good at finance and investment, recently will continue to dig. Early users of accumulation of user demand is bigger, which can be analyzed and team will be according to the amount of data to highlight in the second phase of the App. Due to the high-end product positioning for the crowd, in the aspect of marketing channels and other online personal assistant also has difference, V assistant is given priority to with offline promotion, the banking system, in the 4 s shops, high-end clubs, etc are all its target customers.

in early July, V assistant App is launched operation, the team is currently more than 30 people. Channel to hunt cloud network, according to the current 10000 + member users. Profit model, the channel are said to be from joining fee, such as paying fees, custom class service for consideration.

project has won the angel financing in August 2014, in May this year, the raise two million, is currently in A round of funding.