(text/Wang Dongguo)

the Chinese old saying: to do a good job, must first sharpen his device. If you are a badminton lovers, is bound to pursue better sports equipment, let his football skills improved. But the stand or fall of equipment is proportional to the skill of is not, in addition to equipment, also need more professional motion analysis and guidance.

USENSE is a wireless smart badminton racket sensors. Through six axis motion sensor real-time capture plays in the process of trajectory, and the exclusive App “badminton +” provide real-time radar map analysis, a comprehensive display personal characteristics, offensive tactics and physical condition. Let the badminton lovers become more aware of their technical characteristics, rapidly improve athletic skills. Hardware products have been listed in 2015, the App launched iOS, Android platform, users monthly quantity of active 2000 visitors.

USENSE hardware size is 27 mm * 27 mm, 8 g in weight, installed at the bottom of the handle. Built-in six shaft sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer records motion data, mobile phone via bluetooth 4.0 connection to transmit data. Support for simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, there are seven kinds of colors to choose from.

USENSE main target population is hope to improve the level of sports badminton lovers, for such people to provide data reference, visual motion analysis function. Specific functions as follows:

motion state monitoring: calculate the sports consumption, sports time

movement data analysis: analyzing the biggest swing speed, speed, shot types, properties, and make proposal for sports

3 d pattern analysis: 3 d rendering swing track

online social function: through the App to connect to friends, PK movement data

USENSE in industrial design considering the factors of many sports scene, can be applied on the market the vast majority of badminton racket, convenient installation and reliable, even without switch, shake up, and have a sweat proof design.

founder Huang Yu is a badminton fan, he told cloud network, hunting for the purpose of this product, is to want to combine interests with their own professional, at the same time help improve badminton enthusiasts, through scientific analysis of data and guidance, the pitfalls of a good equipment makes a high skill.

movement is closely related to People’s Daily activities, but intelligent sports equipment is in bud, stay in the ring. Intelligent motion devices will have broad market in the future. How to make promotion in this field, let a person accept is becoming the key of big slice of the cake. Huang Yu convective cloud network said: promotion, first will pervade intelligent sports equipment related knowledge, and then the accuracy of continuous exposure on the net, as well as some game promotion. For professional sports enthusiasts, USENSE will provide them with customized services, such as open PC ports, design some of the more targeted functions.

now also appeared some smart badminton racket on the market, such as dynamic intelligent PI badminton racket. Intelligent badminton racket built-in motion sensor to record the motion data, but need to like my mobile phone with the charging line recharge racket, slightly strange. USENSE compared is small and beautiful. Huang Yu tell cloud network, hunting USENSE has the advantage of algorithm, data analysis, semeai the analysis of the ball, for example, the analysis of the play.

team, founder and CEO Huang Yu, electronic technology industry for 10 years, worked at renesas semiconductor, mainly engaged in MCU, the application of MEMS sensor technology. In bluetooth communication, the CTO zhen-jiang hu, motion sensors, intelligent industry such as the movement algorithm has outstanding ability of software and hardware technology. PM LeiMingLiang, in consumer electronic product manufacturing industry has more than 10 years of experience, worked in foxconn, flextronics, electrolux, as the project manager.

now USENSE hardware as the guide, the future will use household camp rise, built-in equipment purchase in the platform, professional badminton coach, release the function, such as badminton training classes to profit from it.

the USENSE is looking for A round of funding partners.