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the popularity of figure software, to beautify the image is no longer difficult, but you have to use it to beautify the certificates according to seem to be somewhat unqualified. Different certificates to the requirements of different size, color, most people can only to professional photo studios, but the certificate photo studio photo, but always can let you change the ugly method. If there is a software that makes them easily shoot the identification of the different type, can more convenient? “Smart documents as” may be able to solve these problems.

in simple terms, intelligent documents according to set smart photos, automatically generate all kinds of specification size, figure, online printing, and other functions into an organic whole, shooting certificates according to provide one-stop service for the user. Android version launched last November, the iOS version launched in June this year, the current user 500000, 8000 + users, growing during the launch had been used as the master, the most beautiful, love fart fart media recommendations.

open the App, interface, auxiliary box is displayed, the user need only in accordance with the auxiliary box pose can make correct qualified pictures. After the completion of the shooting, intelligent documents note used light detection technology, to score of shooting environment, including the test for a uniform, adequate light. In addition, also support the foreground/background detection technology, can highlight the complexities of the background, clothing for testing, to ensure that the user can be produced in a suitable environment certificate according to look better.

finished photos, natural beautification face technology, users can use a key to facial images. By slightly enlarged eyes, reduced mouth, beautify skin, give photos is light, such as operation, let the documents as more professional. At the same time, the user can also smart cutout in the background, red, white and blue to meet all kinds of documents according to the occasion.

when filming all operations are completed, users can choose will take pictures of the electronic saved to a free photo albums, can also choose to print services online, print according to the user’s documents according to requirements, design the six packages, respectively as the basic, job search, and classic fixed, students, white-collar person plan, plan to go abroad, set different price also is different, but both support package mail home. The

when I contact Ma Yongshi founder, as the company launched “a dollar id photo” activities, broke in order for five days. Znsoft said: “in addition to a dollar id photo, company will also cooperate with some integral mall, such as drops a taxi, quick take a taxi, where to go, 58 city, market network, etc., to store old users points for intelligent documents according to the form of coupons, these little activity in the product visibility and user experience has played a good effect.”

at present, the intelligent documents according to team a total of 15 people, including algorithm, researchers, designers, operation personnel znsoft before startup has 15 years experience in research and development of face recognition algorithm, the whole team on the face recognition algorithm, can grasp the accurate, in does not affect the recognition conditions, let the user credentials as beautiful and professional.

the documents according to the App can provide photos, cutout, online printing services, intelligent documents according to and the difference is on the film documents according to the “smart” played an advantage. “Most beautiful certificates according to” the shooting environment, more harsh conditions, such as only with white wall as the background, 20 cm from the wall, can only be taken by others auxiliary, one step a bit error will affect the quality of the photo. And intelligent documents according to based on human technology, foreground/background segmentation detection technology, on the photos to replace the background cutout algorithm is more intelligent and convenient.

znsoft says, education, tourism, driver’s license and other related to daily life situations require frequent use of documents, the traditional studio photographs exist “expensive, trouble shooting, ugly” and other issues, and intelligent documents according to is to want to solve the user in certificates according to experience the pain points of difference. At present, from the statistics, 65% of users are mainly using electronic documents, online printing function to apply for a job, go abroad user group of the proportion of the biggest, the infants and the elderly certificate according to print also accounted for a large proportion.

according to znsoft, intelligent documents according to the SDK in the future, to different scenarios, such as the university entrance exam, to apply for a job, resident permit, visa, work permit, etc to provide standardized services and high quality tools. In addition, will also try from electronic documents and certificates according to print at both ends, expect to like taobao, change the offline stores to change existing documents according to the market.

the intelligent documents according to now start angel round financing plan.