cloud network hunting note: flowers are not only beautiful – americans money on buying flowers every year is as high as $27.8 billion. Flowers online booking service now or not convenient, after in choosing flowers, florist still require consumers to give them a call. Start-ups are now want to change the flower delivery service by method.

UrbanStems is a guarantee according to customer’s requirements in order for flower delivery in two hours after start-up companies, companies from $35, is to expand the brooklyn.

the company was established last year valentine’s day that week in d.c., on December to expand in Manhattan. At present, the company has completed the delivery of the tens of thousands of flowers, the company said its sales is double from month to month.

one of the company’s co-founder Ajay Kori created by his own experience UrbanStems idea, because a flower he mistakenly sent almost lead to break up. A surprise for his long distance girlfriend until midnight phone, led to his girlfriend thought he forgot her.

Kori said: “as more people join the flowers express industry, prices are rising, but the local florist there was very little profits. The Internet has made everything become more convenient and inexpensive, but in this case had the opposite effect.”

in order to reduce the middlemen participation, UrbanStems now cooperate with farm, to grow their own flowers, and shipped directly to distributors all over the country.

these farms in Colombia and Ecuador are through the Rainforest Alliance, inspection qualified, this means that it is ecologically sustainable and give their employees a fair salary. Flowers are assembled on the assembly on a farm, directly shipped by truck or plane to the United States, such ability can guarantee to the pint picked flowers in a matter of days.

Kori said: “usually, the flowers are all from the farm to the importer, to wholesalers, and flowers to the end. When you get a flower, in fact they have picked more than a week, has already begun to wilt.

recently there are many financing successful flowers express startups, such as BloomThat and BloomNation, but tell me Kori UrbanStems to vertical integration is the first operation of the company.

UrbanStems can currently in Manhattan, brooklyn, Washington, and part of the Virginia and Maryland. The company plan to move to other cities at the end of the year.

Kori said: “our goal is to make a gift into a better one. As you can to make a phone call a car or dry cleaning, we hope you can take out the phone to make someone’s day better.”


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