guide dog small Q everyone heard, so what is the guide dog small Q?

“the guide dog small Q” is a technology based on large data of artificial intelligence software to travel. For its positioning for the present popular swim “indigenous” provide attractions decision-making information, schedule planning, tour reminded, intelligent personalized travel guide software application, its have the wisdom of the big data, is a guide dog, artificial intelligence and the guide dog small Q has the same effect.

the current domestic tourism line booking before and after the share has been a lot of mature products, but the line is very scarce in the information, the user demand for information, transaction can not be quickly resolved.

from the user’s perspective, the long article as there are too many redundant information travels in the form of content strategy, information noise big, and the content of the unstructured point of it is often difficult to find the user concern; With pictures and descriptions for the App end travels in the form of content, the lack of adequate evaluation information, and make it hard for travelers to make decisions in the attractions of real information.

Jin Qiao founder

guide dog small Q, is a very loving travel, Jin Qiao for guide dog original idea is to put a big data technology application ability to the wisdom of tourism, the use of technical means to improve tourism, make travel more easily. Jin Qiao want to change the way of thinking to do the information in the travel service, do a tourism information entry, to help users with instant decisions.

users open the guide dog small Q in the travel, you can get the perimeter of the tourist attractions of POI information at any time. This information includes POI favorable rating, satisfaction, and ratio of swimming season, suitable for the crowd, the main label, user reviews from each big web site.

differential form is a guide dog small Q search and POI (point of interest) information of data mining technology, software grabbed from social networking sites, review sites, OTA, guide site, such as ctrip, baidu, sina weibo, the hornet’s nest sites such as the scenic spot service evaluation information, the evaluation information in the form of POI show, with a product like this mechanism to solve the problem of user access to effective information cost is high.

at the POI level, the user can be filtered according to the score height, distance, price. In comments on information level, the user can from the “good” “bad review” in review “, “keywords such as dimension to browse classification, finally make a decision.

the guide dog small Q main domestic market, to provide information decision services, with domestic big tourism products have some of the same direction of data mining, are in machine learning, the evaluation of redundant information are structured. The difference is that the guide dog small Q dig deep for attractions, Jin Qiao has formed a special team of semantic analysis, the polymerization of machine analysis results are artificial arrangement, set up millions of corpus in tourism industry, information for users to select more decision significance.

Jin Qiao for long-term positioning guide dog small Q is to provide the user through the way of big data in the travel on the way the information required – the road “review” of the masses. Currently products 1.0 development has been completed, in terms of functional modules, mainly to solve the function of tourist information database, so evaluation and dynamic sharing function, etc. Next, products related to tourism hotel, restaurant, shopping, car rental services such as information also do data analysis and integration, to provide one-stop information service in tourism.

business model, combined with some tourist destination in the guide dog small Q online booking products do the diversion, and do some promotion of bidding; Offline for some scenic spots, hotels and other combined reputation management services, improve the quality of business services, designed to create more high-quality travel.

the guide dog small Q team a total of 10 people, founder Jin Qiao for EMBA students of wuhan university, with many years experience in Internet industry management. Core founder as big data domain experts, proficient in huge amounts of data mining, image modeling user demand, etc.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting guide dog is a small Q team has officially launched an angel round financing plan.