cloud network hunting note: has been at the forefront of Uber and frequent recently, has bought several mapping company. Because of the existence of rival Google, or in order to speed up the research and development of driverless cars? Speculation, though, is the most fundamental purpose might still maintain global leadership in the field of logistics delivery.

this month, Uber was reported bought most of Microsoft Bing map business. About more than 100 employees, and some of Microsoft’s intellectual property rights to Uber name at the same time.

Uber in March for the first time bought a map company headquarters is located in SAN jose deCarta. The specific price is unknown, but the money no doubt contributed to the deCarta in voice navigation system’s construction and development.

Ube is in rapid development phase, may also will face more intense competition in the future. In this case, the two consecutive 3 months to buy map company can yet be regarded as a shrewd move.

buy map company to improve logistics experience

Uber never stopped trying to explore on the basis of the existing services to provide users with services as much as possible. The

but one thing must be clear: Uber not only provide a taxi car rental.

basically, Uber is localization of global logistics company. In its job listings, Uber description of employee benefits is written like this: a valuable opportunity to let you change the world. Let people to use the services you provide. We’re not just an ordinary social networking application, let’s put the real people, goods, transport and logistics to the world.

Uber and air traffic controllers, fedex, facing the same problem every day: “how to quickly and efficiently and safely carry people and objects from A to J?”

on this kind of problem, Google spent a lot of money to find a solution. Google provides the improved aviation and logistics mapping solutions have been used by most companies or organization to purchase.

why Uber not directly buy some mapping technology to solve the problem of the logistics company and have to spend millions of dollars in rely on Google?

more efficient logistics services, and more plentiful profit

we can see that as Josh Consine before points out, “in the auto service industry, every minute counts, time is money.” If people need to take a taxi, you may want to immediately appear to have a car right away, instead of after five minutes late. If they think the taxi service waiting time is too long efficiency is too low, they are likely to choose the traditional the coarse car or change another taxi services such as Lyft or Gett.

, needless to say, Uber, of course, also have their own data team, responsible for tracking the users wait for a problem. For example, have to wait a long time to get a taxi, people will have what kind of anxiety reaction. In January this year, Uber pointed out that such a phenomenon: “Uber operate in a particular city, the longer the lower tolerance of time people spent waiting for the bus.”

but I still remember a bit, let everyone has a car travel is not the ultimate goal of Uber.

Uber development blueprint for the future, its chief executive, Travis Kalanick have said, is “make full use of the driver’s every minute and second, maximize work time utilization.”

imagine if Uber driver does not receive the next order in a timely manner, so their motivation to come from? Work more is their motivation. While the driver’s high income means Uber high profits.

expanding logistics and delivery service

from food to goods, Uber very wisely for drivers to provide more opportunities for service to ensure they can be in a state of busy work.

UberEATS released in April, that is, specifically for hungry users timely delivery of all kinds of food, snack food and snacks, cold ramen soup to Hamburg from banana pudding to Spain, you name it.

in January, the company also launched a mobile delivery service in Hong Kong, called “Uber Cargo”. The price of the service loading and unloading the goods to the course of time and delivery time to calculate.

Uber in Washington, d.c., also had to launch another pilot services – Uber Essentials, guarantee the local “everyday items” within the scope of delivery time is within 10 minutes. Continued the have closed on the same day delivery service tradition, the user can place an order to buy things at any time at any time. But like Kozom, the service also failed to survive for a long time.

at the same time, Uber also attempts to provide delivery services for high-end brand retailers, such as Tiffany, Hugo Boss and Louis Vuitton, however the service to reach a limited after all. In addition, Uber tried to cooperate with apple and starbucks, but also ended in failure. The two companies seem more willing to cooperate with Postmates provide local delivery service for the customer.

however, when a lot of startups are aimed at medical marijuana delivery market, Uber never start cooperation with a chain of pharmacies provide prescription drug delivery service for users, it is puzzling.

explore driverless cars

is likely, Uber will use Bing and deCarta resources to speed up its research and development of driverless cars. Travis had put words, if tesla successfully produce the driverless cars, he must be “how much to buy how much to produce.

Uber in Pittsburgh has a mechanical research center, Uber of a new generation of navigation tools are likely to provide important technical support for driverless cars. The study by the media to the public until may, after the Uber frankly that has the marks such as “Uber advanced technology center” is the company’s “security automatic navigation system” research team.

in addition, Google is also working on driverless cars. In the contest of driverless cars could Uber is better than Google? Although Google Venture in Uber investment over $258 million two years ago, but this does not mean that Google will relent.

Google with Uber compete

Google is currently testing a tel aviv ride sharing service, also can call the service RideWith. RideWith was described as “by Waze (a social maps) to carpool”. It through Waze and RideWith both applied to locate the commute, and only supports the Android mobile phone. Although a little difference, but the service of Uber, Gett and Lyft remains a big competitive pressure.

bloomberg published an article in February reported that Google is developing its car service, Google employees are testing, and “Uber executives see a screenshot of Google’s share the driving application.”

no matter true or false, the real question is who will be the winners logistics.

Uber the application number of users continue to grow

the development of the Uber is like fire wildfire, unstoppable. Development trend of the spike in the Uber to consider for the user to provide more delivery options.
According to the Android applications on the SimilarWeb data statistics, Uber in December 2014 to May 2014 the six months, application installation rates in the United States alone has doubled.

at the same time, the application of Uber installation rates by more than 300% in India, while daily active users has quadrupled. By the end of April, India has more than 973 million wireless users, 60% of the users are using the Android mobile phone. This means that by the end of April, there are 3.27 million people in India in the Uber installed on their smartphone applications, and every day more than 550000 people in the use of this application.

development is really fast!

map surveying and mapping company charm unabated

map and location services in silicon valley is still very popular.

Google in 2013 to 1 billion, and the price before purchase Waza, apple and Facebook have been has cooperation with Waze. In May 2015, Uber acquired deCarta, then bought a GPS and Navigation technology company apple and Coherent Navigation. Also in May, Facebook’s virtual reality Oculus company in order to build a virtual map of the UK mapping company Surreal Vision.

add Uber a recent acquisition of Bing maps, Uber altogether in the three months to complete the four different mapping technology acquisition, another is not mentioned nokia’s map HERE.

navigation lead future

Uber is gradually turn the logistics problems into navigation. Obviously, Uber has no intention of map market competition with Google or any other company. And Uber continuous acquisition mapping the real motive behind the technology company is to become a unique one in the field of global logistics and delivery.


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