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millet in the remote control, raise after launch and smart shoes of li ning cooperation, on the launch of the millet TV 2 s and millet water purifier. under the new domestic slogan of the rhythm of the millet is used more and more urgent, grab every corner, for every potential user requirements, strive to build millet ecological enterprises under the framework of intelligence.

millet this few days almost a day a new rhythm, is somewhat overwhelmed. Millet finally brief stop now. And I want to talk about two of the latest new products: millet millet own millet TV, one of the three core 2 s and its ecosystem enterprise cloud of rice science and technology of millet water purifier.

TV, millet as lei jun mouth focus of one of the three core business, the purpose is to occupy the living room. But the ideal is plump, reality is very skinny. In millet mobile phone popular TV failed to continue the launch of the millet millet mobile phone, failed to achieve expected more detonated smart TV market. Millet television is still the sales since launch, millet TV not taboo, said the situation is very awkward, current can hardly succeed. where is the problem? The key sticking point is, of course, is: the content and quality.

content as the soul of a product, without it is like a walking corpse. this, millet that for certain, it is because of the lack of content, millet TV have not been able to achieve the desired success, this let lei jun under the planning of the three core business can’t fly together. In order to supplement the content of short board, millet also can saying is: spent a large amount of money to the original Chen tong, rival sina chief editor responsible for millet content construction; And spent billions of dollars investment holding major video sites and launched a history means the most cruel fight wars. This action, had been bothering the content of the millet TV, we can now think, should be have greatly improved.

if the content is the soul, then the image quality can be seen as drive shell, content and quality of the fit to be a beauty. so millet millet TV conference with repeated mention a word is: buy TV’s screen, the millet have been strengthening, the claim because the average user think to have a good screen is to have the good quality, but the screen is not completely equal to good quality, such as mobile configuration is not the same as good experience), under this kind of idea, is the screen becomes more and more consumers choose products of greatest weight. The performance and millet TV screen? Millet is confident about this.

in order to prove the millet TV image quality is how to cow force, in the millet 2 s TV conference, lei jun with millet mobile phone back in those days the famous “PK solution”. And skip the millet TV 2 s real competitors, such as depending on the wave of homebred brand, working directly with PK “SONY, sharp, samsung,” the three famous international brand. In the result, of course, there is no suspense, millet TV 2 s luxuriant, deduce the domestic counter attack. It not only won the “look and process content, graphics, sound, performance,” the five first, on the “resolution, contrast and color” millet millet is propaganda TV 2 s victory “SONY, sharp, samsung,” the three oceans brand. The in the PK of new air campaign slogan game once again shows the millet “air when self-improvement”.

after PK game, however, people to match performance perfect millet 2 s TV not flowers and applause, but doubts about their authenticity and to marketing that regardless of business ethics and legal risk. , after PK game Soomal digital multi site is published, called the “articles, through practice to guess the PK win against the issue. In yesterday, the bubble net and by comparison with more practical, further revealed the lies. Through the bubble net this article “the”, we can clearly found that the color contrast, backlit contrast and resolution (millet slightly), dynamic contrast resolution on these four categories, millet TV 2 s even more low-end PK SONY W800B, millet claim victory also does not exist. In view of the backlight issue, millet on the evening of 16 statement: the four TV are in the factory Settings standard mode, in the same camera, the parameters of the same. And in today’s (17) to a reporter’s witnesses, to prove that. Who is the fool, I believe that everyone in the mind have a steelyard.

aside all the doubts and floating explanation, people still think: the millet TV 2 s on behalf of its internal content and on behalf of its external drive shell on the screen, all have different degree of increase, its relative to the same price competing goods already has a good competitive, but millet TV will be realized in to take off, really become the millet is one of the three core business of lei jun mouth, I personally is still a serious suspicion.

it is a miracle of has all the heads of state administration policy restrictions; The second is the high rate of the mobile devices, let television this traditional screen needs more and more narrow; Three is the millet copy of millet mobile phone this play on TV, in my opinion doesn’t always work, TV as a big resistance to consumption, consumers for its update speed slow. Its when the choice, although the price will be its weight, but the quality and after-sales service are more is the key factor in their decisions.

TV than millet, I personally more bullish on millet’s ecological science and technology enterprise cloud m millet water purifier. Millet water purifier to do, in fact also have aura, previously natasha lee researcher in release about millet patent status as mentioned: as of May 25, 2015 in 99 millet company has authorized the patent for utility model of 44 pieces related to water treatment.

millet hold water pollution with millet water purifiers, it seems to me is the pain points for the health of consumers fear. In our country, increasingly serious pollution of reality and the contradiction between the requirement is becoming more and more attention to body health is step by step to upgrade. Have a safe drinking water, at ease breathing air, has become the aspirations of people in many regions. And the contradictions in a three hour is cannot solve, and millet water purifier is betting the consumers trust the appeal of drinking water for people’s health, specially to launch this product. For the purification of drinking water. Millet water purifiers, in my opinion, seems to be more just to exist, its development space than has quickly replaced by mobile TV will be more broad.

here, let me a little belly black think about millet company now encountered a problem: apart from millet mobile phone, in lei jun mouth millet company’s core products, tablet, TV, box millet, router, these products are difficult to make a product. The core product, the current development is difficult to satisfactory. Its chain companies, whereas millet from China m science and technology of millet hand ring, or purple meters of millet mobile power supply, it is welcome by consumers, and showing a broad space for development. This is the reason? Are consumers prefer millet production parts? Other big competitiveness or millet, does not meet the needs of the consumers? How in core product besides millet mobile phone in make a hot style product, should need to lei jun think. Lei jun is also should change the idea, give up some difficult to make a hot style products, and strive to create such as the millet bracelet, millet mobile power products such as?


lei jun says: he’s in for a new domestic use, to expect to change public goods of the inherent cognitive, can let the air out of low-cost low-quality image, really change the world view of air. And hope that one day, can drive the industry progress millet, like SONY in Japan, samsung in South Korea.” this is undoubtedly a great dream, is also our countrymen the reappearance of the future. I also believe that every Chinese entrepreneurs with a dream. So in front of the great dream, I also want to say: any competition please stand in the sun, the fair has nothing to do (millet). Only in this way can we live up to the consumer trust to us, can truly confident, worthy of the heart to face the competition. I think this should also is the essence of the new air movement.

PS : finally briefly demonstrate the rough basic information of the two versions: millet TV 2 s aluminum alloy frame and all metal back cover, 9.9 mm thick, 48 inches screen using the original samsung 4 k screen; Based version costs 2999 yuan. Equipped with a sound system of cinema version of RMB 3999. On July 28, millet spot sales, distribution support in 326 cities. While millet water purifier with 400 gallons of large flow, RO reverse osmosis straight out of the water and small size is easy to install and filter intelligent management, reduce the leakage and other practical features, price 1299 yuan.

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