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trial makeup is a very interesting thing, could you leave the department store with lipstick stains are everywhere. But the lipstick on the glass cabinets, was how many people tried?

usually, customers could not have a try to find the desired product. Israel EZface launched a called TryItOn application, it through the analysis of the color of product and user characteristics to help the user to find the right product. This app the real benefit is that when you take a fancy to a cosmetic at a store, you can use TryItOn try first, if the product is very suitable for you, you go to buy it again.

at present, the app for iOS and android, after you register it will ask you to upload a photo of yourself or take a photo without the beautiful (the latter is better); Then have you planted the barcode scanning a few specific cosmetics, such as mascara, eye shadow, foundation and lipstick. After a few seconds, your photos will be like you with these a few transition over makeup. At the same time, TryItOn will also test to the color of your skin tone, identify your facial features, make sure you use TryItOn makeup and makeup similar rate of more than 95%.

EZface on the make-up of the picture is called “virtual image”. If you don’t have any friends to help you see your virtual image how, don’t worry TryItOn also supports sharing function, you can easily put on the make-up photo let others help you identify.

according to the chief executive and co-founder of EZface Rami Orpaz revealed that 18% of the use of cosmetic products in less than a discarded. This means that one 5 of the product is wasted, and the products are also spent the money.

EZface Orpaz and Ruth Gal co-founded, Gal find customers to choose cosmetic products to a very hard, because most online sellers and cosmetics store no makeup to try to make the customer to try before you buy, such as CVS.

TryItOn since its launch in the United States, has been favored by 65000 consumers; Last month, the survey found that there have been more and more women and Gal feel the same way. TryItOn target user group of women is the age of 15 to 35 years old, they is the enthusiasm of cosmetics consumer is early technology users. TryItOn provide free download, it through the application in advertising to make money, the main advertising is to attract consumers that the love of beauty and fashion; It also can get money from the special brand to offer coupons.

makeup industry evolution of

mobile products witnessed the transition of the cosmetics industry, now beauty products in a variety of application support trial; Other Makeup simulation application has a big wave, such as You Cam, 365, Perfect ModiFace, at, and l ‘oreal introduced the Makeup of Genius (real colour Makeup simulation program).

TryItOn is unique in its unique technology and extensive network brand partners. Relevant data show that it has a total of 25000 products, such as l ‘oreal, maybelline, Revlon (Revlon), cover girl (CoverGirl), Physician Formula and the phantom of the opera (west Hollywood n ‘Wild).

Oepaz think TryItOn provide technology will “change the way people buy cosmetics”. He thinks that due to cosmetic color unsatisfactory waste a lot of cosmetics day will be gone forever.

TryItOn to women buy cosmetics limited budget is a very good application. Although there is no application to help women improve their grade, but TryItOn will help them take the first step to success.


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