travel rental start-ups Tripping paves announced today that it has obtained from multiple investors $16 million in financing, including the Singapore Enspire Capital and Steadfast in New York Venture Capital.

the company’s founder and CEO of Jen, O ‘Neal described the company as “the first vacation rental search engine” and said the Tripping paves has multiple partners in global online booking website, can provide a variety of types such as cheap renting or luxurious mansion.

if you ever hope to live a night in the castle in Scotland, Tripping paves pack a gentleman, and some of the smaller area of cooperation partners also enables you to enjoy more choices under less cost.

Tripping paves said they had in HomeAway, such as VRBO and FlipKey other website lists more than 100000 cities of more than 500 houses, will show from location to housing facilities such as WiFi and air-conditioning for detailed information.

O ‘Neal said: “we only provide meaningful service to clients.”

and reality are different, Tripping paves as a search engine service, not involving the lease management. Its partners will be responsible for that aspect, Tripping paves would receive part of the money from the booking, and each partner is to charge different rates, CEO explained: “so this is for everyone.”

Tripping paves said their financing “just over $21 million.

the new money will be used for enterprise development and international expansion.


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