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cloud network hunting custom travel agencies outside of the previously reported “road trip (beta)” launched on July 10th, two new product lines: travel very free and live games.

custom tourism is with the rise of Tours. The similarity between the two in that schedule are tourists have the final say, but custom travel Tours is the upgraded version – which is to have a team to help you to complete the process of self-help, users only responsible for “you”.

road, travel is based in the southwest of Internet companies customized travel overseas. With senior custom division team and back-end services team to provide travel destination depth planning and free line distance online changes. A service charge of user customization, private custom APP is used for books and the background on the artificial collaboration capabilities, realize mobile interconnection model.

way, travel beta launch on March 3, 2015, during the past four months of trial operation, complete hundreds of our intention to advice, clinch a deal the dozens of outbound travel group. On July 10, way, officially launched, release a customised travel travel app and custom upgrade 4.0 mode (temporarily named “a” free travel product) as well as the appearance product demo – the game of real travel in the future. 2.0 version of the App in the final test, IOS and android version will also be synchronized online.

road, travel is currently do have three different types of personalized travel