“I am a talent show” is a tourist’s league since the media platform, platform dedicated to gathering the well-known domestic tourism talent (including tourist hotel experience, try to sleep, travel planner, world traveler and photographer, the media industry such as opinion leaders), connecting the travel and tourism industry institution, aims to provide tourism talent from all over the world with tourist experience invitation, remuneration for travel fans the opportunity to become a tourism talent.

in June this year, “I’m a talent” public website and the micro letter, synchronous online, at present, the two platforms has gathered more than 1000 domestic tourism, and recruiting activities conducted several rounds of tourist’s experience. Hunting cloud network understands, “I am a talent” App levelled at the testing stage, is expected to officially launched in August.

“I am a talent” is a serial entrepreneur, founder Ceng Yao day in focus media for four years, a digital marketing agency, founded in 2009, this year second startup, set up “I am a talent” platform, the core team members from the south China area, senior Internet and tourism after 90’s, at the same time with 5 years experience in travel industry digital marketing services.

according to introducing, “I am a talent” as a tourism talent platform, focusing on travel around the world, to receive the invitation from all over the world take the remuneration tourism experience, efficient implementation between tourism and tourism businesses experience of service trade, and to establish a complete mutual mechanism.

now gradually become a trend, experience-based tourism tourist’s suggestion is adopted by more and more valued and. Ceng Yao day tell hunting cloud network, the current has been more and more active invitation, such as hotels and tourist attractions tourism talent free experience, hope that through influential tourism talent in the circle of friends, weibo, WeChat platform of public platform bask in tourism experience, thus affect the potential consumers, word of mouth marketing transaction.

Ceng Yao day, “I am a talent” is to let the tourist’s professionalization, make young people love travel tourism talent, realize the dream of travel around the world, and you can travel while making money. “‘ I am a talent achievement thousands of travel, let everyone can follow the inner voice, do what you love and proud.”

“I am a talent” through the connected transactions between tourism and business, will be realized the influence of tourism talent value, thus gradually developed into a social tourism consumption platform, fan’s current economic and Shared economic application of the typical business model.

in addition, the competing goods in terms of tourism products on the market such as ctrip, where OTA platform, day honeycomb, baidu tourism carriers and content providers, such as tourism service travel agency, etc., with focus on its business, although has the tourism talent sharing aspects of building, but still is the integration of tourism products and attractions mainly services. “I am a talent” is from the tourist’s Angle, in the service of tourism talent and dreams become two major types of users, can radiation domestic large tourism consumer groups at the same time, create a kind of heart way of travel.

“in the early morning wake up, ‘I am a talent’ message to remind you received, is an offer from a hotel in Paris, accept after feeding the birds can fly to Paris in the afternoon… “It’s going to be” I am a talent “build new experience. Hunting cloud network understand, “I’m A talent” in June have easy day make hundreds of millions of investment, in October this year is expected to launch A round of funding.