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recently, travel tools App travel there CEO Shi Ning to cloud network exclusive hunting, according to the company in the product is not launched as angel investment has won 12 million yuan, this round of funding will be mainly used for polishing the product and market development.

travel there is a tools for outbound customer service App. Products are mainly divided into three modules, the first global map navigation module for Chinese, at the same time based on LBS function to find food nearby attractions, similar mass. The second module team collaboration, main function is the set point, as long as open the App, team leader or tour guide can be real time see the location of the player, to prevent left behind. This function is the product of the window, the team in view of the present travel safety and travel market free collection difficult problems, such as research and development of functional activities. The third module is travel, travel route based on group members and users, real-time generation time axis location itinerary, support sharing features.

Shi Ning tell hunting cloud network, the current OTA occupy most of the market, but offline travel agencies are also actively preparing transformation, improve the quality of service is the tour group transformation path. Travel there to designated collection team for power service transformation, is to capture a piece of blank market. At the same time from both travel agency or free line team, this App is a information service team leader or tour guide and do a tool to work together.

the boutique travel travel market project has reached maturity stage, the custom of travel and travel planning as well as college students travel program also emerge in endlessly, product models tend to homogeneity, differentiation, and the future competition will certainly be tragic. Travel team think there by providing tools for the team support to broaden the scope of services, through the collection of data and tools to serve more people.

second, travel market are more inclined to the young or the entire Internet product idea and desire for consumption, the elderly in the middle class market are relatively ignored. Shi Ning said that early in the product creation in addition to the market, feelings is also part of the proportion of, or care for the elderly and old people. Travel there team designated collection function solves the overseas foreign student’s parents accompanied him to travel abroad. Children of parents to travel abroad at the same time, through association also can see parents on App.

Shi Ning Shared travel there in the process of financing experience: received large amount of financing is the most important of the IDEA of the products. Second, for investors, offset market blank of the innovative product is also a tool to attract investors.

there travel the core team of four people, CEO Shi Ning, graduated from university business school, is responsible for the operation of the whole company. Members of the two technologies, Bruce and Adam have many years of experience in research and development, architecture is independent of architecture team to travel there. V.W ang had entrepreneurial experience, the operation and the market have a considerable amount of experience.

travel there will be launched in August, the early stage of the product will focus on cooperation with travel agencies, upgrading product of iteration. Through the collection of data, the future will do more for the product module of research and development, rich products, and constantly adapt to the market.