nowadays, more and more people to life drift, festive times, need to find people who have a common topic background communication, talking, pay attention to and understand the hometown. Hunting cloud network has “township of” focus on product in mobile Internet social application under the background of schools of thought contend, from set out to make an issue of social services.

township home encounter is a based on the user belongs to social app, provide life services for migrant workers and school personnel, through the township, the user can meet near the countrymen. Different from micro letter type of social circle of friends, also different from the stranger social message type of pure strangers, fellow social is based on “the countrymen” geopolitical half an acquaintance social system.

open applications, “near” interface can check the basic information of the user side countrymen, but in the “filter” column on the system recommended by subdividing countrymen screening, can be accurate to the provincial, city and county, as well as the age and so on, the user can choose his countrymen to interested in attention, dialogue, etc. In the message interface, users can charge system recommended news, send and receive group, or personal information. Interface in the sky, “message board” column to view a nationwide countrymen dynamic recently, “personal activity” column can be released, participate in the activities of the organization with the country, launched a campaign of location can be determined by the users themselves. “Go together” interface can be released, participate in groups to travel with the countryside. All users at the time of registration by id number, mobile number real-name certification, to ensure that personal information true and reliable.

township of another characteristic is that it can provide users with the pure social environment, no advertising, no similar WeChat, weibo electric business, act as purchasing agency business practices, such as don’t advocate the dialect to recreation to entertain, but to create closed loop of the ecosystem.

and hunting cloud network previously reported another social applications compared RunTu App, township in the person of hometown more precise positioning, user filter can only see his hometown information across the country, not all users of information, let the villagers get to know each other really is between the different person of hometown. Township RunTu to do besides content is given priority to, give priority to with people meet, pay more attention to focus on user needs, just need to provide a platform as the starting point service to users.

product will launch the new version in August, increase service class section, by uploading video, recording, blind date columns and increase the interactivity, in order to enhance user stickiness. Business model building, founder Wang Jiajun tell hunting cloud network, a new version of the township will meet App to serve as a starting point, go O2O mode, but also can increase the value-added services to members. Products in September began to go out to work, just entering university group of offline to push the activity.

the company was founded in March of this year, the products are officially launched in mid-may. Wang Jiajun said in an interview with hunting cloud network, the user data, applied in each big market has not spread all cases, the natural flow of enrollment has amounted to 6000 people. The team is currently 18 people.

is currently in A round of financing, financing obtained will be used in technology development, marketing, team building, etc.