(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

team need? Flat? Executive force? Mobile? In addition to the team the role of the “people”, is there a “tool” that help the team to achieve these requirements?

from the traditional OA system to today’s intelligent collaborative tools, it is not hard to see, the collaborative tools become more lightweight, usage scenario is also more diversified. In fact, the core of collaborative tools, br projects, tasks, documents and schedules, all functions are around these core requirements.

such as the location for the project “teambition” collaboration tools, in addition to its collaboration tools, also spawned two same product Today, and Jane chat with tool attribute, respectively is schedule management tool as well as a communication tool; Again like youdao team “youdao cloud collaboration”, it’s more like a business exclusive online database, the user can real-time discussion.

Tower is also an online team collaboration tools, from the point of experience, its main function is as follows:

project, launched a discussion, add tasks, upload and create a file, create a schedule;

dynamic, real-time view themselves and the recent work of dynamic team members;

weekly – in accordance with the team, team members, three hierarchy, is used to publish work summary and experience sharing;

calendar – arrange work schedule and intuitive rendering;

team – team members in accordance with the structure;

myself – view the task, the collection, calendar, and mail.

as we have learned, now has 14 w registered team, 30 w + registered users use Tower, including the clove garden, pull hook, nut shell, etc., “Tower. Im” in more than 7000 of the world, most in Alexa ranking 700 in China.

founder liu chang to hunt cloud network, said the Tower of the scale of target audience is mainly around 50 people team, in fact also has a lot of scale in the thousands or even tens of thousands of people in the company in the use of Tower, is again big, vertical management team size is within a controllable range, we advocate is a kind of flat management way, if a company has no complex examination and approval, obvious hierarchy management, so almost all is applicable.

the pain points on the market demand has always been there – in the recent 5 years, radical changes have taken place in our life, can take a look at the way we work, in fact, compared with five years ago has little change: are we still in through the QQ instant messaging, transfer file by mail, by telephone and customer communication. Such inefficient, old way of working is already greatly influences the traditional enterprise’s creativity and productivity.

so, we Tower design goal is simple: first, whether our own needs, the second, whether by software to improve the efficiency of at least 5 times more. All function must satisfy both.

liu convective cloud network, said on the cross, we will try to do more, will become a real online office Tower building, rather than dealing with the pain points of team working, even in terms of hardware, we are considering whether to current novel intelligent hardware to achieve cooperation.

in addition, in some new features on the research and development of Tower team is exploring new methods, for example, users of enterprises need to customer service, in addition to the traditional 400 telephone and online customer service, customer service, using Tower with micro letter enterprise to provide similar to “leave” little feature and so on.

“in the future we will spend more time on the traditional industry, deep understanding all the attributes of the industry, and how to use Tower solve the problem of the characteristics of various industries, the characteristics of many of the so-called problem, return to the origin, also is the problem of people, time, cost. On the business model, by using the simple free + value-added model, profit by providing valuable services to the user, rather than advertising.” Liu chang convective cloud network.

hunting cloud network, at the end of 2013, the Tower by sequoia capital, A $2 million investment, recently completed by sequoia capital led A + round of financing, financing amount has not been revealed, is planned to be completed by the end of the year round B.