(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

both comprehensive service, information sharing, and scene segmentation, maturity of the tourism service online booking, like ctrip travel, where net, ali, etc., have formed a complete system of tourism services.

in fact, the diversity of tourism scene, make it have the characteristic of can be subdivided, hunting cloud network noted that part of the platform as the breakthrough point, to transport the charter + guide grounding gas portfolio. The “charter” of the emperor, for example, main transporting outbound tourism; “Walking tour”, in addition to hire services, and give a complete line planning; “Sunshine car guide”, the user can choose the tour guide, vehicles, hotels, attractions, food and beverage, etc., complete personality customization.

is also a chartered tourist service, to meet guest takes the C2C mode, expect to achieve to meet guest and visitors between supply and demand docking. Compared with heavy assets, such as China auto rental car rental platform, to meet guest C2C mode seems to be more suitable for the current sharing economy. But C2C mode have not controllable, at the same time, to meet guest adopt real-name authentication tourists the most worried about the safety of the way to solve the problem, the user in addition to being able to choose the wizard, can also realize the model, brand, price, seat, the types of services, quickly find charter period. From the pay, evaluation, and then to order management, all can be done online.

founder yuen ciic to hunt cloud network, said charter haven’t the dominance of the tourism industry, but there is demand customer group size is large, we do is to dig the user groups. At present, we are perfecting the development of tourism information system, makes every effort to diversify the form of the landscape features of each scenic spots, cate, specialty and other information.

before last of promotion strategy, to meet guest will use baidu search engine, such as the formation of advertising transmission. At the same time, the micro letter, weibo, and since the media such as blogs and natural marketing platform. From the point of business model, to meet guest profit in the form of a commission, at the same time, meet the personalized travel demand of tourists do broad extension.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting service team has begun financing plan.