football is no longer a strange thing, 200 million fans and there is a growing amateur football team, there has been a new make China football market outlook, but in the process of preparing an offline game, booking space, recruiting team, matching the opponent, looking for the referee, and so on have become the current problems, under the circumstances Internet + football products have sprung up the emergence of aggressive about ball platform to meet the amateurs information about football and about the various needs of the game.

“le odd football”, for example, it is a one-stop service mobile applications, 2014 baidu authority recommended booking about game from App; From the perspective of information, “habib football” is to focus on the football industry vertical new media, the direction of the content mainly covers the football the industry ecosystem; When football social, “I’m a fan” attitude and allows users to share about football.

so how do you find belongs to own positioning in football fever and new idea?

guild wars football appeared, it aims to build the most professional, the most interesting amateur football against platform, want to give football amateur to provide more perfect service. Guild wars football, however, will not only has the basic function such as booking, at the same time can also through the design of a set of algorithm quickly match players, competitors and the referee, users better and faster to find the game, in the competition.

in addition, guild wars football can also provide promotion, sponsorship matching, including amateur football tournament business extension industry chain extension, such as breaking the amateur football information island, let the amateur football fully embody their own value, is more and more social attention.

guild wars football founder & amp; CEO liu chao graduated from sichuan university, with its love of football, and know well about the ball hard pain points, then established the guild wars football with a group of friends. Now the core of the team members have five people, liu chao is responsible for the operation, and huawei JingYiJie product manager is responsible for the product before, in chengdu famous in the amateur football Carl and zhen-hua guo is responsible for the team and the contact of the pitch, do sports venues before qian-li ma is responsible for foreign business negotiation.

liu chao said: “football is a passionate, also have feelings, by fighting football platform, we hope to develop more powerful social attributes, let you play, not only can meet more brothers, so as to enhance the user viscosity. On the other hand, we also hope that through the platform can out of some grass-roots star form a regular football club, and even from our platform before the grassroots players in the form of a team to participate in the “rong chao” five-a-side tournament, won a second good result.”

for future development, liu chao told cloud network hunting, football is more like a real fighting game experience, there are many new play method, the user can view the information registered players, such as basic information and record. In addition, the platform for users to be a good football manager free of charge at the same time, also for the personalized requirements of users to provide some service charge, such as player card skin, provide interfaces for wearable devices, or some of the new format. In chengdu, of course, the introduction stage of fighting football will also cooperate with universities and regional football association.

hunting cloud network learned that guild wars football App is not online, but in WeChat promotion period already has more than 3000 users, at the present stage is actively planning the angel round, the purpose of the funds are mainly marketing and other cities in China.