(text/Chen Tianqi)

gao said a very literary words, life is not just in front of struggling, and poetry and distant. In this everyone is talking about the Internet and the background of big data, literature and art, such as poetry seems to appear so not timely. But there is always some people, the stubborn doing what other people feel out of place, but also are flawed.

ng wei, beautiful reading founder, after 70. From the founder of the age, he is not young. Chase cloud network today to introduce the beauty of the reading of the first App “of the poem” to the child in the product obtained is very serious when I was not online funds and IDG capital joint providing millions of dollars of angel investment. Age is not a problem, it is important to people and ideas.

to the child’s poem is composed of Mr Selected 101 poems of the north island, including 70 first, Chinese new poetry 31 foreign poetry. This App is made by Mr Personally involved in the north island, is one of his poems for children’s poem “the application of the same name. E-books good user experience and offline on paper with lines of poetry with the combination of model, has received the good effect. by the end of June, IOS and android platform was downloaded more than 780000 people, poetry reading of the recording every day there are more than 1, 1000.

poetry reading, is to give children the core concept of poetry. Ng wei said that poetry is need to read, can make poetry has the feeling of the scene. “When you hear a 2 and a half years old child milk milk gas in poems, what’s your feeling? Or mother beside read a poem, full of kids giggle giggle, is what felling?” Poetry reading is full of positive energy, when integrated into the child’s voice in it, he has the function of cure.

“one day, there was a mother turned her and the child’s poetry reading the tape in the circle of friends, our downloads immediately broke through 500 times.” Ng wei to hunt cloud network to share such an example. To the children’s poetry has a group of mom levels of followers. App in the poetry in addition to Mr North island selected 101 poems, the user can also recommend poems, as long as the approval will be sent to the App for child and his mother, reading. For their children’s poetry and social function, platform sharing, people will have the opportunity to listen to the most times are recommended to read poetry.

ng wei wants to awaken people to the poetry with child and her mother’s beautiful yearning, closer to people and the distance of the poem. is a good poetry, relative to the children’s poetry in order to coordinate the beautiful sex also tend to be more delicate in interface design, some details such as homepage that loud gurgling goggles owl is received a good user experience.

poems give children focuses on children, so on the choice of poetry are predominantly children love. another software “as you read the poem” poetry of adults prefer to understand poetry, poetry social function, interface design is delicate, but are many poems. Litchi FM also have special poetry readings, but given that this is a radio included all kinds of sound, not deep in poetry reading this piece, so on the professional degrees may not be for the child’s poetry.

team, ng wei for her double major in the college of electrical engineering and the Chinese language and literature, entered the IBM after graduation, as a system engineer, and then join the southern weekend as cultural editor, 2007 southern weekend preparing to construct the new media. This crossover experience made him the perceptual and rational, better control of text. Three is a co-founder, in addition to zero after 80, the other two after 70. Most of the rest of the team is after 90, is the Internet of indigenous people, help the team in product operation and technology better operation.

ng wei will Freemium model (after the first free charge) is introduced into to the child’s poem, that is to say the first 20 poems recorded is free, is to continue to record it after the 20 to pay within the application. “I don’t worry about user adhesiveness is not enough, if the user like and formed the habit of reading, feel is worth to pay for good content” ng wei convective cloud network said.