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generally most of the airport is located in the suburb area, the traffic is not convenient, you want to get to the passengers downtown, only by taking a taxi, private cars, the subway and the airport bus to implement these vehicles; Due to the price reason, most people will choose to take the airport bus, but often can encounter were too little, time is not flexible, “to take the” trying to solve this situation, to provide users with services of high quality but low price custom bus service.

“to take the airport shuttle bus is different from general, there are the divisions of the fixed, missed will wait for the next car, it will make travel arrangements, according to the user plane arrival time people to the car to avoid the waiting time. At the same time “to take the” passengers will be sent to the specified destination, unlike traditional airport shuttle bus, everyone can only reach the location of the unified, for the passenger to reduce the unnecessary waste of time.

a huge potential market is the biggest driving force of the development of the custom bus. Hangzhou xiaoshan airport, for example, in 2014 the year xiaoshan airport market capacity up to 40 million ~ 60 million/year, huge market volume has given rise to “to take the” product. “To take the” puts forward the idea of “exclusive space” for an hour, will make full use of an hour’s drive time, cooperate with local businesses, providing information, commodities reservation and experience, etc. In this mode, the user can not only safe to arrive, also can receive information and experience to local businesses.

in addition “to take the” has struck a deal with a new energy automotive company in hangzhou, the use of new energy bus, cost only 0.2 km/yuan, models are divided into 10 and 13, full guarantee comfortable riding experience. At the same time to reach strategic cooperation with airlines, form the mutually beneficial and win-win situation. Step and “drops bus”, “best” and the airport bus, such as “to take the” low price, not only its additional services more ground, also can close to the user base, allows users to get their own experience.

team strength as well as the guarantee for project benefit. The founder of “to take the” package elegance graduated from zhejiang university, has 18 years of IT experience. The CTO jia and co-founder zhen-hua Chen also graduated from Beijing university and Shanghai jiaotong university and other famous universities, has rich experience in the IT industry. So “his” team to ensure the technical ability “to take the” platform. Tell hunting cloud network package elegance, “to take the” in order to avoid the risk of custom bus empty or operating at a loss, the team will by big data sampling and analysis for many times, make the bus dispatch system, select the optimal route and models are tie-in, also will integrate user mobile terminal, the real-time update, the optimal scheduling plan, on the premise of guarantee the user experience, the greatest degree of cost savings. And hangzhou airport transportation potential market share how the traditional at the same time take a taxi to customize how high is the acceptance and exclusive coach can seize the opportunity to share all eventually need market to tell us. Products for “to take the” word of mouth set, user acceptance, market promotion and speed of financing will be the next challenge.

“to take the” will be on August test in hangzhou, September, October, formal operation; BaoFengHua to hunt cloud network, said the company has yet to get financing, also has the intention of financing, capital obtained will be used for business development, technical perfect.