a roommate matching platform Room. Me in San Francisco, launched this month 10, helping moved to the new technology of city people find roommates.

the San Francisco bay area is experiencing a severe population explosion, some data estimate can increase more than 10000 people each year. This not only means that it more difficult to find the house (of course, the reason is complicated, need another matter), find the right fit roommate is harder.

Max coase katyn is Room, a co-founder of the me. In his view, the Room. Me and Tinder a dating APP (abroad) have some similar, one is to make friends, one is to find a roommate.

date is dating sites automatically matching algorithm inspired coase katyn, the same principle may be used in the search for a roommate.

Room. Me is according to the different personality to match roommates. Similar to dating sites, it set up a series of test to determine the different character, of course, first of all is according to the user’s own preferences.

according to the practice, usually asked questions, such as, “do you mind my roommate smoking”, “do you mind if your roommate has a lot of friend, often want to?” this kind of problem; Also has such as “you are a late person or habits early bird”, “I hope my roommate is a man of late or is a man of habit to get up early” such detailed some problems; Even, it is also concerned about are you trying to find a good elder brothers sister can be a good roommate, or rule out. In short, everything you choose will be the roommate matching links have a significant impact.

the most headache thing for my roommate, is that the roommate love clean. According to the Craigslist (Craig’s list, a big American free classified ads website), a majority of people in house first is a roommate must speak hygiene. The problem is, boast himself like a cleanliness and is not a difficult task, before moving in, who also don’t know you love clean or not. Coase katyn explained, in order to deal with this problem, Room. Me will ask in a different method of different kinds of questions, drawn at random users do quizzes, this is as much as possible in order to ensure that allow the user to really find a good roommate in tune.

do housing information website has many, now have a Craigslist, Hotpads (one of America’s housing intermediary website), median (an American real estate information query website), New York and a company called RoommateFit, self-proclaimed “roommate matching boundary eHarmony (is one of America’s largest dating websites)”, is also more competitive, but the market is still great space. According to the median in a recent report showed that different pay more attention to share the cost, adults now pay more attention to my roommate for running situation of the living quarters, and the national perspective, sharing is quite common, in all housing cases accounted for more than 76%. .

the San Francisco high rent housing, housing shortage crisis has space available for tenants choose smaller, Room. Me is picked out a good time, roommate hunters now has been already saved. Sarah is a tenant for years, over the years and had not changed in place, however, even a few years ago, want to have a suitable apartment and a good roommate is quite difficult. Now the situation is not optimistic, want to find a spare room must have a wide net, then crazy to do interviews.

look at people who own or have found the apartment, looking for the tenant, they are not that easy. In order to find a suitable tenant, they have to interview scores of people. To interview people quickly lose hope, one thousand party hundreds eloquent, pine let go on for. To pick on one side it choose the right people is important, because if people really pay rent, moved in, again want to catch the person is not easy, especially if you are not under the condition of the landlord.

Room. Me character matching method is absolutely is urgently needed by San Francisco’s current housing difficulties, especially for those who have been living for terrible Shared misery for several years, can help people to distinguish who is really let you enjoy the life together, who is his life always in a mess.

Room. Me now from Axel Springer (Axel Springer, one of Europe’s largest digital publishing company), Grazia Equity a vc (Germany) and an international business consortium raised $1.1 million in seed money.

now of coase plan is based on the users of San Francisco, gradually expand to other cities.

in the words of coase katyn, “it is crazy of San Francisco gave us a wonderful start.”


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